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“If you need something done, call Amber. And, chances are, she’s already working on it. Amber has extensive knowledge of web design and how to efficiently integrate technology to make it serve the client. While Amber’s ability to see the big picture (the business problem I’m trying to solve through technology) sets her apart, service is what makes Amber exceptional. She anticipates, listens, recommends, listens some more, and follows through – quickly and accurately. She’s a valued resource and trusted partner!”

Coach Dan Clemens

Google+ Cover Art Details

Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube all allow you to upload custom-branded designs for your profile pages. Your designs can include anything from your logo, to your photo, to your web address and more.

I have been designing these branded graphics for clients for a long time now and they are becoming more and more seen as a critical step for business owners online. I do think there is a strategy to go about creating these graphics in a way that is appealing to your audience and effectively drives that social media traffic back to your website.

When approaching social media branding think about the most important values you want to convey and how to express the way people feel about what you’re doing. This can be done through imagery, testimonials, social proof, etc.

It is smart to spend a little time and do some research looking at multiple Google+ profiles before deciding what elements you want featured on your cover art.

See below for a sample Google+ cover we designed:

Google+ Cover Art

A few examples of what you can include in your Google+ cover graphic:

  • Promote your eBook or published book!
  • It’s best to add a picture that’s different than your profile picture (if you can).
  • Add URLs to other social networks, your website, blog, etc. (Note: You cannot have clickable links on Google+ covers as it is all one big image – instead, you want to list out links clearly.)
  • Add your logo, tagline, services list, branding images and content
  • List a testimonial or two – anything to establish trust and add value

The goal is to use all of your social networks to further your brand messaging, promote your product/service, and share your goals. People like to help people and never before have we had the unlimited potential to get so much exposure. Take advantage of it!

Get Your Google+ Cover Art Designed!

I can design you a beautifully branded, functional and effective background design to ensure you are making the very most out of the Google+ experience.

As soon as your order is placed I will contact you right away with instructions of what I would need to start your cover design. I will show you a comp draft within 1-2 business days and we can make edits until we have a design you are proud of. I can even help add this to your Google+ page for free if you’d like. You will have access to and keep control of the final design files and you’ll have a cover image you can be proud of that also works to effectively brand your business!

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It’s time to TAKE ACTION and take advantage of the social media marketing experience. I look forward to connecting with you today!

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