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Amber, your excitement and enthusiasm is contagious!! 😉 Excellent. Also appreciate your flexibility . . . 🙂 I totally can see how you enjoy designing these images, your work looks very, very good.

Eric Van Der Hope

Holy cow I just went to check my Facebook page for Quality Quilts and I LOVE what you and your team (esp Keri) have done. I sure picked the right person when I picked you to help me with all this. So blessed to have found you and your team.

Laura Winckel

Facebook Profile Image Details

Facebook Profile Banner Image

Branding your Facebook page is one of the most important things you can do as an online business owner and this news is spreading like wildfire. With over hundreds of millions of Facebook users, and many with fan pages, this is a critical social media site to brand.

Here’s an example of what the Facebook profile image looks like (see right). I’d say less than 1/4 of the pages have really utilized the 200px X 600px space they’ve been given. Most have a small logo or medium sized headshot. However, this medium-sized vertical banner is shown for iPad users and on some mobile devices instead of the Facebook cover art. A thumbnail of the banner is also shown on the bottom left corner of your cover. I suggest clients get this designed either way as it can be used as a bookmark for events, an affiliate banner, used for cross-promotion on other websites, etc.

Total Facebook Branding

There are three ways to brand your Facebook page(s).

  • One is with a Facebook Profile Banner Image as discussed below.
  • The second is with a Facebook Cover which is a large horizontal banner at the top of your business page (and you can add a cover to your personal pages as well, though that’s not supposed to be obviously business related).
  • The third is with a Facebook Welcome Landing Page which is a single page that visitors can find by clicking on the row of boxes under your new cover photo. This page is basically a mini one-page site that can include images, video, a subscriber opt-in box and more!

As you view our portfolio, you’ll definitely see a wide variety of Facebook Fan Page profile images above and that’s not a bad thing. Your profile image should reflect you (and what you do!).

What are a few things you could consider adding to your profile picture?

  • Your logo
  • Your photo
  • Tagline
  • URLs to websites or other social profile pages
  • Let your visitors know how you want them to take action, ie. “Sign up for…”, “Don’t forget to…”
  • A short testimonial that says it all
  • A bullet list of services you provide
  • Contact information!!
  • A catchy headline that explains why you are different and great
  • Images of books you’ve published
  • A list of titles you hold
  • Etc.

Keep in mind too, that when you create your profile picture for Facebook, it should absolutely reflect the quality of your business.

Get Your Facebook Banner Designed Today!

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