Social Media Marketing World Was a Game-Changer for Me! Register for SMMW2015!

I can’t wait to recommend something to you that was a total game-changer for me in early 2014.

Social Media Marketing World USS MidwayIt was an event I attended that allowed me to mastermind and partner with some of the biggest names in internet marketing history and changed the course of my business in a very positive way, forever.

(If you aren’t an event person, I hope to wake you up to how dramatically they grow your business and this one, is the best money you could spend on an event in 2015!)

Michael Stelzner of is someone I’ve been connected to from the very beginning of my online career almost 8 years ago. His website is one of only a few I follow religiously.

Social Media Marketing World San Diego CA 2015Every year Michael puts on the biggest, baddest “HOLY COW” event in the entire online world (in my opinion).
It’s called Social Media Marketing World and early registration is open with a massive discount ending soon.

Last year I spent the week with John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Nick Unsworth, Lewis Howes, Joel Comm, Melonie Dodaro and so many others (talk about huge internet superstars!).

I walked away with strategic partners, a ton more leads and sales and a killer strategy for my business.


Social Media Marketing World 2015

  • 100+ of the world’s top social media & marketing experts will speak
  • 2500+ of your peers
  • March 25, 26 and 27, 2015
  • San Diego, CA
  • Party on the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier (sooo cool!)

Social Media Marketing World 2015 EventIf there is only ONE event you attend to get all of your networking in, soak up all the strategy you need for 2105, and to bring in a ton of leads and sales… it should be this event.

Check it out. And reeeeeally consider going. It will be worth 10x the registration (that’s what the value was for me earlier this year).

To your success,

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer

(PS) If you decide to jump in and make things happen for yourself in 2015 by attending the Social Media Marketing World event, email me via my contact page form to let me know and I’ll share some tips to get the very most out of the event! xo

Note: I am an affiliate for this event. I believe in it 100%. If you click the link above and order I will receive a commission. I appreciate the tip for letting you know about this awesome resource!

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