2 Fabulous Resources: SEO Guide and Email Marketing Guide

If you have a website online, you probably know how difficult it is to get your webpages ranked well on Google, or how to get more visitation, or how to build and keep a list of email subscribers. There’s a lot that goes into maintaining your website, let alone making it better and better.

But, it’s kind of fun right? When you get blog comments, or review your Google Analytics account and see 75 visitors or more in one day. Well, today I’m going to teach you a couple goodies that should get you even more excited!

  1. I will share an SEO guide straight from Google so you are learning from the source on how to increase search engine placement.
  2. Email Marketing Guide: I have a guide on “bad email keywords” that if you follow, will decrease the chances of your emails landing in SPAM boxes.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guide:

There are SO MANY Internet marketers out there that say they have the keys to the castle – they have all the secrets – they have the breakthrough formula on SEO!!!

Caution yourself on who you pay attention to. I know a lot of these guys and have studied their sales and marketing process – this allows me to know which of these “experts” are legit and which ones will disappear after they make their one-time hit of cash. This is precisely why I started InsightfulDevelopment.com – I wanted a place where I could share everything I’ve learned (and most importantly experienced via trial-and-error, studying the top experts and figuring out what works) without making you uncomfortable or making you buy from me.

I personally really enjoy SEO – meaning the ways I can tweak my content to get better Search Engine rankings. Google works on a formula of ranking each webpage based on over 200 sets of criteria. SEO tactics can account for a good chunk.

I invite you to read Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide to learn from the source on how you can increase the placement of your pages.

You will learn how to…

  • Create unique page titles
  • Make good use of your description meta tag
  • Improve the structure of your page URL
  • Create more efficient site navigation for visitors
  • Good practices for content and more!


Email Marketing “Bad Keywords” Guide:

With Email Marketing, most online programs will have a 30-40% deliverability rate. Meaning if you send 100 emails, 30-40 will actually show up in your subscribers Inbox.

One of the reasons you get poor deliverability rates is because of spam keywords. I’ll let you read this very short guide to learn the rest!

The Seven Dirty Words you can’t say in subject lines; plus 100 others you probably shouldn’t use either

Need I say more?

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