What to Say When Recording Audio Clips or Video for Your Website

Why should you add video to your website? Let me break it down into simple terms: you’ll make more money. The online world is something that requires some getting used to. Realize that in some ways we have to try even harder to prove ourselves vs. in the offline world. Why? Because visitor’s to your site don’t know you from Adam. They can’t look at you, talk to you, etc. – unless they call of course.

They need trust in you. A simple video will give them an instant idea of the type of person you are and the business you run. It will also give them a clearer idea of what to do on your site, and what to buy. Most people don’t read an entire sales letter or pitch – but they ARE more likely to follow the direction you give them in a video.

Is recording audio and video hard?

sony-sound-forgeNa. I have some step-by-step instructions for recording audio for you by clicking here – and it’s free! If you need to do some editing on your audio clips, I recommend a great software I’ve used many times called Sony Sound Forge.

movie studio 9As for video, if you have a camcorder or webcam, basic computer skills, and some video software you can get this done in one day. The best video software that’s not overpriced is Sony Vegas Movie Studio.

Is recording audio and video expensive?

It doesn’t have to be. I provided instructions for recording audio for free, and if you could most likely create video for free too. If you need to do some editing, you would have the cost of software. Both I recommended above are about $40-60 each. Not bad when you think of the return this could give you. Buying a microphone could be another $30 for a good one. The biggest cost will be your time writing and recording.

When sitting down to write out your 3-5 minute video “pitch”, here are a few things to think about: (I suggest you answer each of these questions on paper right now in great detail and at length – we will tone it down later)


  1. Who is your website audience? What is the best way to appeal to them (think tone, attitude, delivery, attire, etc.). For example, if you are selling a high quality product to the corporate world, it is wise to dress your best suit during the recording session, and speak with the utmost confidence and professionalism.
  2. What sets your company and product aside from your competition, what makes you unique? Are you cheaper, higher quality, more established, faster production, etc.?
  3. What is your mission? Why did you start your company, what was your dream? How do you want to help your customers?
  4. Why should the viewer take action right now to call or buy from your site? Will you offer a bonus, what promises can you make?


So now you have a rough outline for your 3 minute pitch. But, there are some other aspects that you want to carefully think about too:


  • How salesy do you want to be? Again, go back to the type of audience you are drawing from. Do they need a hard sale, or a more comfortable and soft approach?
  • Do you want to have an image of your product in the video, or to the side of your audio clip?
  • Think about the location of the video/audio clip on your website. I have included two sample videos below with their verbiage. For example, if your video will be uploaded to the top right hand corner, and you want to direct a viewer’s attention to an email sign-up box on the bottom left, you may want to physically point in that direction during taping. (See examples one and two below)


So far we have your outline, and you have thought about some outside factors that will make a difference in your video. Now I would like you to take a minute to read through the 2 examples below so you can see the range of pitches that these three business owners have. Feel free to also go to their website and watch how they are dressed, their delivery, etc. Once you are done, I will continue below with some more important things to consider when preparing for your pitch.

Example #1: www.CarpetDepotDecatur.com

Hello my name is Brad Flack and I want to thank you for using CarpetDepotDecatur.com. At Carpet Depot Decatur we’ve been doing things the same way for 14 years! We buy carpet discontinued, factor irregulars, whatever at the lowest possible price – and we turn those savings over to you, the public. Up to 50% off what you would see the same carpets for at one of the bigger retail stores. When you visit Carpet Depot, and you’ll notice the map below, or you call carpet depot – the phone number’s just above me – you’ll always find someone knowledgeable and willing to help. So give us a call today, we’d love to hear from you. Again, thank for visiting CarpetDepotDecatur.com!

Example #2: www.RichDad.com

Hello, I am Robert Kiyosaki and I welcome you to the Rich Dad website. I am the author of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad as well as the creator of this board game here, Cash Flow, and, let me tell you a little story. Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a very simple story about my two fathers, it’s a true story. My real dad was the head of education for the state of Hawaii – very smart, hardworking, great man -you know PhD in education and all this. But I call him my poor dad, very simply because well as a school teacher he was very smart but he knew very little about money. My rich dad was my best friend’s father, and although he was a man that started with nothing, he ultimately became one of the richest men in the state of Hawaii. So Rich Dad, Poor Dad is very simply a story of what two fathers tell their two sons, my best friend and I, about the subject of money. And as you know we don’t teach much about money at school. So often times we learn about money at home, which is why often times poor people remain poor because they don’t learn anything about money except from their parents or their friends. So the purpose of the Rich Dad company is very simply to teach the simple, powerful, financial lessons my Rich Dad taught me years ago, starting when I was only at the age of 9. The Cash Flow game is actually a way of putting my Rich Dad’s thoughts into actions, and the books here give you ideas on how you can change your thoughts. So very simply, that is what the Rich Dad website is about. We’re a financial education company. We do not sell investments, we do not give investment advice or hot tips on what you should do with your money because we really think that’s up for you to decide and make that decision for yourself. So that’s what the Rich Dad Company is. Our mission statement from the very start has always been to elevate the financial well-being of humanity. As you know money is a very tense subject and poverty many times causes huge problems. Sometimes even in the role of terrorism, poverty plays a role in that. So we feel that the best way we can deal with that, or our contribution to the world, is by making the same financial education that my Rich Dad taught me, again when I was only starting at the age of 9, to people throughout the world. Very simply, the difference between my Rich Dad and my Poor Dad is this: my Poor Dad, being a hardworking dad, always said, “Go out and work hard!” – so he worked hard for money. My Rich Dad very simply said, “If you want to be rich, you need to have money work hard for you.” And that’s what the Rich Dad company stands for.

Hopefully you got some good ideas after reading/watching those. Based on those two examples, some more things to think about:


  • Be careful of distracting hand gestures. Naturally when we are nervous or are trying to make a point, we will make good use of our hands. But, be careful of your gestures as the viewer can be easily distracted, which means they stop listening to your pitch. Also, if you have to edit out parts of the video, you don’t want the transition to be too rough.
  • A warm friendly smile is a GREAT tool. It will be a tad awkward because you will be smiling into a camera. My tip for you is to visualize that you are standing in front of your BEST potential client. How would you treat them, talk to them, etc.?
  • Focus on your delivery of the words. Typically when we are nervous we tend to talk too quickly in a somewhat monotone/quiet voice. Prove your confidence by standing or sitting tall, with your shoulders back, and chin up. Project your voice and use good voice inflection with pauses. Most of communication is nonverbal – food for thought. This is why you will want to practice many times before recording.
  • Keep track of your time. Robert Kiyosaki’s video was 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Didn’t it seem longer? Look how much was written when I typed it out. You could go up to 5 minutes before potentially losing your visitor’s attention. You may use less time, but I encourage you to take the time to express yourself and what your company is all about – this is your chance to double or triple your business – so take advantage! Again, most people will think they have talked for 3 minutes, when really it had only been 1 minute to 1 ½ minutes.


Feel free to send me a link of your video – I’d love to see what you come up with! Stay tuned – in coming weeks I plan to dive in to greater detail on the subject of recording audio/video, how to add it to your website and more.

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