Product Pre-Release Success: Using Twitter to Kick-Off a Buzz Building Campaign

“Buzz Building” is an important part of any product sales campaign and today I’m going to teach you how to leverage Twitter in your favor. Remember the few weeks before the iPhone was release? Apple spent millions and million of advertising dollars to get the word out that a hot new phone – unlike anything else on the market – was about to release. They teased us in their promotions. They showed us many incredible features of the phone, accompanied by catchy music and smart marketing messages. Buzz Building is essential to a sales campaign because you’d want to start your sales off with a bang on Day 1. The results of Day 1 will carry you through upcoming weeks and months. All of that success truly starts with the pre-launch Buzz Building.

Before I launched my first book, I sat down and created a very long list of all the things I needed to do before the book launched. Examples included: Create an autoresponder series (an automated series of emails that a buyer would get once they bought the book), write my launch-day promotional email, schedule 30 Twitter Tweets to drop in a 2-day period starting on my Day 1, buy targeted Facebook Ads, design and write the copy for the newsletter to my email list, add the eBook version to ClickBank and so on. The list was two pages long.

Now, for your product release, you don’t have to focus on all of those things. Instead, you can do just enough to get your network to understand two things: 1) Your product is about to be released, 2) It’s an important purchase for them to consider.

Important! When gathering your buzz materials, you must keep in mind that this is not the time to “share all the goods”. Meaning, there’s no need to share specifics – that is what your Product Release Day marketing materials are for. Buzz Building is merely a big tease.

You want to start your Buzz Campaign 1-2 weeks before the Product Release Day. Any further out than that will not provide much momentum. One way to launch your Campaign with a bang is by using Twitter.

Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. You type posts of up to 140 characters (called “Tweets”) about what’s on your mind (about the weather, your business, sports updates, anything!)

There are plenty of tips I can give you about maximizing Twitter. Even though this page is more to teach you Buzz Building tactics, I’ll share a few real quick…

  • Tweet often! The more you tweet, the more followers (and business!) you will get.
  • Try tweeting at different times of the day to see when you get the best responses and direct messages from other Tweeters
  • Use tools like Hootsuite to schedule tweets to drop later.
  • Find competitors and experts in your field and follow them. Then you can monitor their network and actions to gauge what you should be doing to get in the game.
  • Re-Tweet what others have posted if you think it will add value to your Profile.
  • Design and add a custom Twitter background for your profile to direct traffic back to your website or blog.



Suggested Buzz Building with Twitter:

First, go to Hootsuite and sign up for a free account. This program will allow you to type in a bunch of “Tweets” and schedule them to drop throughout your work week at any time. This is hugely valuable for business men and women on the go who don’t have time for yet another social network.

Second, create a list of 15-25 Tweets (remember, keep them under 140 characters) in a Word doc. I’ll give you a few to get started with below. Once you have your list of Tweets, log in to SocialOomph and schedule these to drop throughout a 2 week period, just before your Product Release Day (roughly one or two per day). Yes, you can always do more.

Last, note that on your Product Release Day, you’ll want to schedule as many as one Tweet per hour to drop. The point of this Buzz Building exercise with Twitter is to create interest with your followers, and keep that momentum up throughout your Buzz Building Campaign.

A Few Ideas for Tweets to Get You Started:


Let’s say you have created an eBook. Come up with 10-15 benefits of your eBook, then turn those into Tweets. Tease your followers that if they “stay tuned” they can get a bonus offer for free in exchange for their support on the eBook release date.

You can tease Twitter friends on:

  • Topics for each chapter in the book, webinar, etc. (ex: Learn “topic”, “topic, “topic” in 2 weeks…it’s just around the corner)
  • Your involvement with co-authors, partners, guest speakers, etc.
  • Any specific bonus offers you will provide if they buy your product on Release Day(you could really take this and make a dozen tweets alone)
  • How your experience has been creating the product
  • Why you are excited to release this product
  • How this product will be a great new part of your business
  • Why people would want to buy this product (ex: “Feel at Peace” – a hint of what’s to come with the release of my new book in 2 weeks)

That should be enough to get you started. Again, we just want to give people enough teaser information to understand two things: 1) Your book is about to be released, 2) It’s an important purchase for them to consider.

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