Privacy Issues? Facebook to Allow 3rd Party Sites to “Personalize” Your Experience

Where is Facebook headed? At their third annual f8 conference held in San Francisco last week, decisions were made to automatically opt-in users to a 3rd party personalized experience. As groves of long-time Facebook users close or suspend their account, questions are raised as to how much of your private information is given away.

Sites that have access to your profile right now include Yelp, Microsoft Docs, Pandora.

“The plan consisted largely to enable people to “like” content from around the Web, transmitting their downstream activity back to Facebook, and also – garnering an incredible amount of backlash from those opposed to the company’s approach to automatically opt users in – they introduced the opportunity for partners to personalize your Web experience based on your profile.” – Louis Gray,

So what is Facebook saying about it? Well, in a hard-to-find page in your Facebook account privacy settings, you’ll see:
Facebook’s instant personalization pilot program helps you connect more easily with your friends on select partner sites.

You’ll find a personal and social experience the moment you arrive on our select partner sites — currently Microsoft, Pandora, and Yelp. We’re working closely with these partners in a pilot program so you can quickly connect with your friends and see relevant content on their sites. These sites personalize your experience using your public Facebook information.

When you arrive on these sites, you’ll see a notification from Facebook at the top of the page.

You can easily opt-out of experiencing this on these sites by clicking “No Thanks” on the blue Facebook notification on the top of partner sites.

To opt-OUT of getting your info shared, following these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Click on the Account tab on the… top right blue bar of your FB account
  2. Click on Privacy Settings
  3. Click on Applications and Websites
  4. Click on Instant Personalization Pilot Program
  5. Click on Edit Setting
  6. Make sure the box is UNCHECKED

What do you think about this movement to continue opting us into things we didn’t ask for?

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