Pop-up Optin Boxes Using Optin Monster: Annoying or Effective?

When you go to a website looking for a solution to your problem, usually the last thing you want to see is a pop-up box blocking you from the answer you seek.

The pop-up box is usually an opt-in box inviting you to download a free report or subscribe to an ezine. Do you find these annoying?? Most do.

However, you would not believe the results entrepreneurs are getting by placing a pop-up optin box on their website!

Typical Optin Conversion Results

If you add a generic optin box in your header, on your sidebar, below blog posts, in your footer… you should expect a 2.5% optin rate. Meaning, 100 people land on your site and about 2-3 will subscribe to your email list.

If your optin conversion rate is lower than 2.5% then it’s time to investigate why. It could be the design of the box, the quality of the offer, the choice of wording on your optin box, the color of the submit button (as well as many other reasons). This is why “split testing” is so powerful. You can test why people aren’t opting in to your email list.

Pop-up Optin Box Conversion Results

George Mathew from the CrazyEgg blog post Opt-In Pop-Ups: Are They Any Good? showcases his research, and here are a few powerful points:

  • Pop-ups drive 1375% more subscribers. Nikki McGonigal preformed an 8 month test and found that the pop-up optin form drove over 7,000 additional subscribers vs her sidebar optin box.
  • Pop-ups brought Darren Rowse 400 new subscribers per day.
  • Opt-in pop-ups result in 1,000% increase in conversions for Ask-Leo.com.
  • Mama’s Lebanese kitchen got 10x the conversion once introducing pop-ups.


My Test Using Optin Monster

Optin Monster Pop-up Optin Box Software for WordPressHearing over and over again about the power of these pop-up optin boxes, and after resisting the strategy for many months (because I too find it annoying)… I gave it a shot.

I researched the BEST pop-up box software for WordPress and started using Optin Monster.

(Step-by-step instructions on
how to install and use Optin Monster is below.)
Just in the little bit of testing I’ve done… I’ve already TRIPLED my optins from previous months!.

  • So are pop-up optin boxes annoying? Yes.
  • Should you stop what you’re doing and set this up on your website RIGHT NOW? YES.
Step-by-Step Instructions to Setup Pop-up Optin Boxes on Your WordPress Website

If you have a WordPress website (or need a WordPress website), here are instructions for using Optin Monster.

Step 1. Order Optin Monster

What I love about Optin Monster is I only had to pay a one-time fee (NO recurring monthly fees! You can opt to pay a yearly support renewal fee but the software is yours once you buy it the first time).

Optin Monster Order Instructions

I chose to buy the Pro version because I wanted the flexibility to use it on multiple websites as I continue to grow my brand, plus with the Pro version I have ALL the features and options for my optin boxes (no brainer).

Note: I am an affiliate of optin monster. If you click the link above and order I will receive a commission. I appreciate the tip for letting you know about this awesome resource!

Step 2. Install Optin Monster Into WordPress
  1. Once you have registered for your Optin Monster account, login to the members area at http://optinmonster.com/account.
  2. Download the Optin Monster “zip file” from the Dashboard tab screen.
  3. Then login to your WordPress website and go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and click on the Upload tab.
  4. Upload the zip file from your computer. Once done, click the activate link.
  5. Navigate to the Optin Monster tab on the left sidebar inside the WordPress admin area. Next, click on the “Misc” tab to enter and validate your license number.

You’re now ready to create your first pop-up optin box!

Step 3. Create Your 1st Pop-up Optin Box

Add New Optin Box with Optin MonsterNavigate to the Optin Monster tab on the left sidebar inside the WordPress admin area. On the primary page, you’ll see an “Add New” link at the top of the page.

Next, name your campaign and select your design.

Optin Monster Campign Setup and Design Selection

Next, you’ll come to a screen where you can customize the design, the entry fields, text, upload images, connect to your MailChimp (or other email management system) account, configure the box to set when it appears, and so much more.

You’ll navigate along the left column menu until you’ve customized each section. This is an example of an optin box I created using Optin Monster.

Create and Customize Optin Monster Pop-up Optin Box in WordPress

Here are some of my personal customization settings you can note:

  • DESIGN: I didn’t add anything new in the design tab.
  • FIELDS: I checked “Show optin name field?” so that the “name” and “email” fields would show in my optin box. You can change the font color and font for those fields in this section as well.
    • Conversion Booster Tip: For the “submit field” I suggest you choosing a color that pops with an easy-to-read font.
  • CONFIGURATION: Since I use MailChimp, which has a “double optin confirmation” process, users will get an email where they need to confirm they want to receive my eBook and subscribe to my email list. Because of this, I have created this page http://ambervilhauer.com/almost-done which serves as a bridge between opting in and getting that confirmation email. Therefore, in this “configuration” screen, under “Optin Redirect on Success” I added the url to that almost done page above. That way, once people optin through my pop-up box, they see that almost done page, then get the email to confirm they want to be on my list. Once they confirm, they receive an email from MailChimp which contains the link to download the eBook they signed up for. Next, still under Configuration, under “Optin Loading Delay” I personally have mine at 14000 (or 14 seconds delay before the optin box appears). Studies show 60 seconds is a sweet spot (or 60000 milliseconds) for best results. Just like everything else online, you’ll need to test what time limit works best for you.
  • INTEGRATION: This is where I connected Optin Monster to MailChimp and selected which email list I wanted this pop-up optin form to connect to.
  • OUTPUT: You want to check the box “Enable optin on site?” so your optin form is active on your site. Then you can select which pages or all that you want your pop-up box to work on. For example, you can set your pop-up to only appear on your Blog pages, or on your Coaching page, etc.
    • Conversion Booster Tip: Create multiple pop-up optin boxes on your website for different purposes. On my “Web Services” page I have a pop-up to download my service menu, and then on my Blog pages I have a pop-up to download my eBook, for example.
  • EFFECTS: You can simply select which fly in effect you want your pop-up to have. You can view them all in this staging area as you finalize your optin box settings.

When you’re all done, click the blue “Save and Exit” button at the top right of the screen and your pop-up optin box is ready to generate some serious results for you!

Step 4. Test and Revise

You read earlier that websites out there are seeing 1000% better results by using a pop-up optin box, BUT, to get your ultimate result you need to monitor your results, tweak and improve over time.

For example, maybe you could chose a better color for your submit button that will yield better results. Or maybe you could test font usage or change your content, etc.

Keep tweaking your optin forms until you have the best possible results.

On your main Overview area, inside WordPress, under the Optin Monster tab, you’ll start to see it collecting your stats. You’ll be able to monitor your Impressions (number of page views), Conversions (how many people opted in), % Conversions (number of people who opted in against the number of people who saw the optin box). You’ll love watching the results pour in!

Parting Words of Wisdom

By now you’ve seen how everyone else is getting serious results using pop-up optin boxes on their websites.

I gave you a major time saver by giving you the name of the BEST plugin on the market for this process. There are others, I’ve tried them, I wasn’t impressed. Optin Monster is the way to go.

You even have step-by-step instructions for how to order, install, customize and track your optin boxes.

My parting words of wisdom is that I want you to clear the next 30 minutes in your schedule and follow the steps above to get this working on your site NOW.

Your email list is your #1 online asset. There is no time to waste.

Pleeeeaase help others by sharing this post on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus accounts!

Let’s keep the conversation going… leave feedback or ask your questions using the comments section below.


Great article! Those of you who read this, I suggest you hire you Amber to set up it 🙂 She and her team are the BEST!”
– Susan Vernicek CEO, Identity Energizer, Author, Paid Speaker

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