Part 2 of 3: Blast From The Past, Wicked Resources

21 Top Posts Everyone Needs to Read About Online Business Development Continued… A Series by Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer.

This 2nd post in the 3-part series continues “Blast From the Past” week where I deliver the top insights and training pieces I’ve written over the past 18 months. Below I have selected the best Resource posts that still include current training material. Print them out, share then on Facebook/Twitter, or just enjoy the content!

Resource Post 1:

How to Resize Images Quickly and Easily: I’m sure by now you’ve come across at least one instance where you wanted to upload a picture – thinking it would be a simple process – only to find that your image didn’t fit in the allotted space. Well, I know that not everyone has a fancy Adobe product that can resize images and not everyone is tech savvy. I have a very quick and easy-to-use solution for you…

Resource Post 2:

Step-by-Step Instructions for Recording Audio: Audio and Video have become very popular on the Internet in the past few years. If you are just getting started on the Internet you should read this post carefully and record Audio to put on your website or blog today! One of the tricky things about the Internet is…

Resource Post 3:

What to Say When Recording Audio Clips or Video for Your Website: Why should you add video to your website? Let me break it down into simple terms: you’ll make more money. The online world is something that requires some getting used to. Realize that in some ways we have to try even harder to prove ourselves vs. in the offline world. Why? Because visitor’s to your site…

Resource Post 4:

How to Set Up Google Alerts: Staying Current on Industry News and Web Action: Google Alerts isn’t exactly a new concept, but it’s one that could be of great importance to you in the future. Every single day the Internet is exploding with new information, ideas, start-ups, training modules, video, membership sites, blogs, social networking tools… the list goes on and on. Wouldn’t it be nice to “follow” the latest updates for certain keywords that you choose?…

Resource Post 5:

Custom Facebook Fan Page Profile Pictures: Creating a Facebook Fan Page is hot, hot, hot. It seems like every day I’m getting requests for liking dozens of new pages that popped up overnight. I wanted to show you a few examples of what you *could* do with your Facebook Fan Page profile picture. I’d say less than 1/4 of the pages have really utilized the 200x600px space they’ve been given. Most have a small logo or medium sized headshot. If this Fan Page is showcasing your business, why not…

Resource Post 6:

Download Free Cool Fonts: Maybe your a beginner designer, or you are an author and just came out with an eBook you need a cool cover for. How can you get your design to stand out? I suggest, downloading free fonts – gothic fonts, script fonts, word fonts, handwriting fonts, tattoo fonts – all free for you to download depending on where you go….

Resource Post 7:

How to Get Copyright Protection on Your Blog or Website : I have pooled some resources for you to look at for copyright protection on your blog or website. This is something you would be considered crazy to “put off”. Fast forward, someone has copied your content and called it their own. How do you feel? What can you do? It’s important that you…

Stay tuned for Friday’s “Blast From the Past” posts. Topics include:

  1. Online Product Ideas You Can Make Quickly and Without Spending a Lot of Money
  2. Ways to Increase Your Website or Blog Security
  3. Ways You Can Review Your Own Website Through the Eyes of Your Visitors
  4. Tips for Driving Traffic and Generating Interest (Low Cost or No Cost)
  5. and more…

Please share this post on Facebook and/or Twitter so others can benefit from the same info! Cheers!

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