Amber Ludwig-VilhauerA message from the heart of Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer:

  • Do you get tired of spinning your wheels trying to figure out what to do next and how to do it?
  • Do you feel like time is RUSHING by and at the end of the day you’re just not making the progress you want to be making?
  • Do you wish you could sit down with a true business growth mentor to get all of your questions answered, diagnose what holes are in your approach so YOU can get on a faster track to real results?

My ultimate passion is helping authors, speakers and coaches just like you to grow a business online that generates consistent income, impacts individuals across the world, and brings you the joy and freedom that entrepreneurship offers.

No, this isn’t a “nice thought” or “sales pitch.” I know those things are possible because it’s the exact kind of business I run and will teach you how to run as well.

During this 1-1 Strategy Session I will dig deep with you to find out what’s broken in your approach, my suggestions for the fixes, and together we’ll make a plan on what you need to do next to turn things around. This call is for serious applicants only.

Working 1-1 with me is a $350 investment per hour and not everyone qualifies. If I accept your application, you must be prepared to take immediate action on what you learn and actually implement the powerful strategies that I’m going to give you.

Client Feedback

Amber! Thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to help me get my business on track for monetizing. I soooo appreciate your willingness to share your super-fab ideas and invest time into me so I can improve my business and start bringing some money in. I came out of our time together re-energized, focused and ultra-excited to jump on the strategies your provided. I am declaring that I will have a testimony within the next 30 days using your fresh ideas. You will be hearing from me soon, as I look forward to signing up for your Authentic Leader Academy. Thank you so much!!

Shannon M

Wow over the top! This is how I describe my business strategy session with Amber. The process she took me through to help me to clearly identify my ideal client was amazing. Initially, I was focusing on creating my content too broadly. Now, I’m working on creating laser focused content to meet the needs of my ideal readers. Furthermore, she gave great advice for marketing on the right platform for my ideal client. Also, she has a really sweet personality. I could feel she really loves what she does and wants to genuinely help others.

Latasha Hodges

Amber – You are just the best, smartest, funnest and most wisest woman ever! Thank you. Thank you for giving me the confidence in myself to be and do what I want and love and feel passionate about. I didn’t think I had much to offer or felt it even possible to do until I met you and you helped me see what is truly possible. I still have a long way to go to actually achieving it all but I’m well on my way and feeling more confident every day thanks to you and your brilliance. Thank you for allowing me to witness and learn from your true greatness and for being such an inspiration and blessing to me and my life.
Words can hardly express how grateful I am to you and how much I love you and look forward to continuing to working with you and accomplishing great and marvelous things together.


Sue Squire

After reviewing your application, I will connect with you to advise if your application has been accepted. Thank you!