WPEngine Is THE BEST WordPress Website Hosting Company!

I have to tell you what happened to me recently that will shock you. Please read this message in full as it affects your website hosting!

This change impacts your business, your website traffic and your sanity!

As you probably know, I’ve been a strong advocate for HostGator’s website hosting. Over the past several years, I’ve referred all of my clients to use them and used them myself for all of my websites.

Well, about three weeks ago, I started noticing a HUGE change in site speed and customer service. Like, shocking. HostGator always had the best customer service and my sites were always fast. I’ve had virtually no issues for years!

All of a sudden, sites were going down left and right (often for no reason). My team has spent countless hours trying to resolve these issues for clients, meanwhile having an awful time dealing with support. I kinda panicked a little and I thought, “What am I going to do?? What am I going to tell people? Who do I recommend now?!”

Do you recall the email HostGator recently sent you about changing your IP address because they were “upgrading your server”? They moved your site to another server yes, but I wouldn’t call it an upgrade….

I researched and read they merged with BlueHost which is one of the worst hosting companies you can work with. Their servers are over-saturated, they aren’t nearly as secure as other companies, their websites go down all the time for unexplained reasons and their customer service is ok at best. My heart sank.

As a result of this change to BlueHost, my NGNG site load speed jumped to almost 20 seconds to load in some areas of the world! My traffic plunged. Unacceptable!!

I went on a mad scientist type search for a new company. Days later, many conversations and reviews later, I came across a company that FAR exceeded my wildest expectations in a hosting company.

I recently migrated to their servers to test and make sure it was solid before I told you about it.

My site load speed went from almost 20 seconds to load down to 3 seconds!! Finally, I was back on track and my website traffic is soaring again.

I’ve now migrated a few of my biggest clients who have huge websites. I waited to tell you because I wanted to make sure it was everything I thought it was. And, they passed every test with flying colors so now I’m telling you about them…

WPEngine is a company that services only WordPress websites and the company I will promote endlessly moving forward. I have been so over-the-top impressed with them since Day 1 that I can’t imagine a better solution for me or for you.

 WP Engine

(I am an affiliate of WPEngine but it’s not about the sale. I am promoting this because they are THE BEST company to host your WordPress website – period. So if you want to send a tip my way, click the link above. If you’d rather not, here’s the direct link with no affiliate ID attached: http://wpengine.com)

They have everything you could ever need in a hosting company (you have plenty of space to grow your business with no hiccups, super secure, etc.) but there are some things that make them MUCH different/better than any other company I’ve seen:

  • They do daily backups of your account (unlike some companies that don’t offer that service or charge extra for it – lame)
  • They offer “one-click restore points” which means if you add a new plugin on the fly and it shuts your site down, fear not, one click and you’re back to where you were before you added the plugin
  • They cache your site FOR you!! No more caching plugins to try and make your site faster, they offer this automatically.
  • They offer “managed upgrades” which means when a WordPress upgrade comes out, they test it, and once they know it is secure, they apply it to your site!

Not to mention, EVERY site I’ve migrated so far has had dramatically faster load times.

One last thing. Their customer service FLOORED ME! I had a question so I went on their live chat (they got brownie points just for having that feature). My connection got lost with the rep I was chatting to. I only remembered his name as “Jake” (I mean, how many Jake’s are there in the world you think??). So I started a new chat session, got a new guy and said, “I was just talking to Jake…” and without skipping a beat he said, “ok, I’ll transfer you,” and within *seconds* I was chatting with Jake again. On what planet have you EVER seen service like that from ANY company?!

Seriously, I’m freaking out. lol.

WPEngine is worth every penny and more!

I highly, highly suggest you take the time this morning and check them out. Read their reviews, call their sales team and ask them about any concerns you have. I think you’ll quickly see what I saw in them.

IF you decide to move over to them, here’s what you’d do:

  • Sign up for an account with them first
  • Then we’d need to make a backup of your current website and database
  • We’d move your website files and database over to WPEngine
  • We’d then point your domain name to WPEngine and away from HostGator
  • Then you can cancel HostGator and enjoy faster speeds with WPEngine

Note: WPEngine only offers website hosting and NOT email. So, if HostGator is currently hosting your email, we’d need to add the extra step of getting Google or GoDaddy to host your email (we can talk  options before we do anything).

Our team is happy to help you with this transfer if you need help. It should take us a few hours to get you up and running and we can start next week. Just contact us if you want to discuss the process and options.

Regardless, I had to tell you what I’ve discovered because I choose to take on the responsibility of letting you know when something is not right, and how it can be fixed.

I’d love to hear your feedback if you want to type a comment below.

To your success,

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer
Your Get-It-Done Girl

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