What is Google+ and Why Should We Use Google+?

Maybe like many of you, I’ve been trying to “get into” Google+ – Google’s new social network.

Do I think it is a “must” to be on Google+? Yes.

Do I think it is worth your time to learn it and love it? Yes.

I believe this social network will be a major player (and already is for some). I find myself resistant only because I don’t love how you gain friends. It’s just different, not bad. With Facebook, you can click a button and send a “friend request” and the other person accepts – now you are connected. They can see your posts and you can see theirs.

Google+ is setup more like Twitter in that you can follow me, but I won’t automatically follow you or anything. I do get a notification that you’ve added me to your “Circle” (a Circle allows you to separate your friends into different lists such as ‘co-workers, family, friends’). From there, I can choose to add you to my Circle. I guess this seems less official and fun to me. But, no reason to not get on Google+.

This post is my announcement that I’m on a mission to understand the in’s and out’s of Google+ and learn to fall in love with it. Maybe you’ll join me? Look, it’s essential if you want to keep making progress online and keep getting more exposure. Or, another way to think about it (and the better way) is this is another avenue to get your message out to more people – as many people as possible.

Ok, so I’ve started doing more research. I want to see what many different people say about their Google+ experience and how to like it and use it. Below is a resource for you that I think is worth looking at.

If you have an opinion about Google+ I really am dying to hear it. I’ve got to know many perspectives to know Google+ like the back of my hand.

What do you love?
What do you hate?
What do you wish was different?

Please write a comment below and let me know what you think. THEN go to the right sidebar and you’ll find a Google+ widget with a big blue “Add to Circles” button – click that button and let’s get paired up on Google+. 🙂

One thought on “What is Google+ and Why Should We Use Google+?

  1. Brad

    There is room for all 3 social networks in my view – peaceful co-existence!

    1. Facebook – staying in touch with friends and family (sure, you can now “subscribe” to those beyond the realms of your social influence, but for the time being, it isn’t the primary reason people use Facebook).

    2. Twitter – keeping up to date with those beyond your realm of social influence (news services, celebrities, journalists, etc). On Twitter (for the majority of users), even though the majority of people you follow don’t often know you – you still know them (mainly because, quite simply, they have some level of fame).

    3. Google+ – keeping in touch and seeing content not from friends and family (Facebook) or from the rich and famous (Twitter) but from everyday, ordinary people who share similar interests to you. Keen photographer? Follow a few “circles” of photographers, and in no time you will have a fantastic stream of new images in no time. Keen gamer? Writer? Into the outdoors? Tech? Science? You name it, there are millions of people out there with similar interests to yourself, sharing or creating interesting content in subject matters that you relate to.

    I have left some further thoughts about this topic at http://www.droidappoftheday.com/2011/11/google.html +

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