The Lonely Side of Entrepreneurship

I’m going to point out the elephant in the room… being an online entrepreneur can be lonely.

As exciting as entrepreneurship is, so many of us occasionally find ourselves in that lonely place. And guess what? That’s totally normal and expected.

Why do we feel this way?

Because what we do is a crazy, exciting, challenging, stressful, amazing thrill ride of an adventure, and not everyone can relate. You might have friends or family members who don’t really understand what you’re doing or why you’re doing it. (But, man, is it incredibly exciting when you connect with someone who does understand!) And because we tend to be a creative bunch, you probably really want to share what you’re up to, what you’re learning, how you’re progressing … and all of those little wins along the way.

People talk about what entrepreneurs do … but they don’t often talk about what it’s like to actually be one. Connecting with like-minded individuals is truly one of the keys to success online. Here are some tips on how to find more people like you:

  • I encourage you to join more Facebook Groups. Not sure which? Try typing “female entrepreneur” or “father” in the Facebook search bar, and you’ll find lots of groups with people just like you. It’s comforting to ask questions and share stories. You’ll make friends in no time!
  • Get an accountabili-buddy. That’s what we used to call it when I sold Cutco Cutlery…lol! It’s an accountability partner. Someone you can schedule a bi-weekly call with to just check in and share victories, ask questions and connect. You can even find this person in your Facebook Group!
  • Join a meetup group. Go to or a similar site and search your local area. There are zillions of events happening in your area all the time, and some are just for online folks. Go mingle, make friends and forget those loner feelings!

There are lots of other things you could do too. But the key is, taking the steps to make it happen! It’s empowering to build something amazing by yourself. But it’s sooo much better when you get to share your experiences with others. Enjoy this truly great thing you are doing!

Oh, and when I personally need some encouragement, I watch this video.

You might like it too.

I’d love for you to comment below and share how you maintain a sense of community while building your business!

Amber Vilhauer

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