Facebook Live Video: Cultivating New Habits of Lifestyle Change and Business Growth with Chamera Bowman

Have you ever wondered how to access your true gifts?

Do you wish you had a rhythm and flow that allowed you to follow-through on your goals, instead of reverting to old self-sabotaging habits?

Chamera Bowman is your go-to girl to develop new habits of lifestyle change and achieve an extraordinary amount of confidence. Chamera found her calling as a Personal and Business Coach after experiencing a dark time in her own life. She, too, once needed help and guidance and began working with a life coach. After this transformative process, she discovered her passion for helping others, specifically women entrepreneurs. Today, […]

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What You Need to Know About the New Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Another day, another WordPress update. As a business owner with a WordPress website, you know how it feels when yet another update comes out. Unless you’re a WordPress expert, it can be concerning and overwhelming. What is this new update? How do I know if I need it? If I don’t take action, will my website crash? So many questions. I know that you don’t have the time to worry about this, so I’m sharing everything you need to know about the latest update – it’s called Gutenberg, and it’s kind of a BIG one!

No need to worry. We’ve […]

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The Biggest Website Mistakes You Might Be Making

Are you trying to grow your business – or get it off the ground – but your website feels like it’s just “good enough?” Don’t settle for that! Your website should be one that you’re super proud to show off. It should also be one that creates consistent income and success.

It all starts with knowing what NOT to do. Below are 3 of the biggest website mistakes that I see people making.

Bad content. It’s easy to tell when someone’s core message isn’t clear. Your website content should make several things very obvious: who you are, what you do, who you […]

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How to Handle A WordPress Website Hack | 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #33

Have you ever been a victim of a WordPress website hack?  It’s the worst.  Your site is down.  You have no idea what happened.  You’re panicking!  What do you do?

Things like not updating your site on a regular basis (themes, passwords, plug-ins) increase the chances of your site getting hacked.  This is why regular updates are critical!

(We offer an awesome maintenance service for a low monthly fee if you’re interested!).  

Regular updates help prevent hacks, but we all know that there’s no absolute guarantee of website security for anyone.  So what do you do if you’ve already been […]

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Lead Pages vs. Sales Pages| 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #28

When it comes to lead pages vs. sales pages, are you confident that you know which is which?  These pages are used for very different purposes, so understanding the difference – and using them effectively – will help boost your success.

Lead pages (also referred to as landing or opt-in pages) are distraction free pages with one call to action.  Typically, they encourage people to join your email list.

Sales pages are longer, more detailed pages used when you are selling something and typically include social proof, an integrated shopping cart and delivery method.

So, which do you use?

This depends on your goal. […]

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WordPress Website Security in 5 Easy Steps| 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #27

Do you have good WordPress website security in place?  Has your site ever been hacked?  If it has, you know what an awful situation that is!  Ugh!

While there’s no magic step we can take to have absolute protection against anything and everything (it’s just the world we live in!), there are 5 tips I can share with you that go an incredibly long way to achieving as much security as possible.

These actions aren’t always the most convenient (ahem…password changes anyone?), but believe me, the alternative is going to be a much bigger headache!

So let’s dive in to the 5 ways […]

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How to Showcase Pricing on Your Website for Better Conversion| 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #13

Are you a service provider wondering how to showcase pricing on your website?  Should you put it all out there for everyone to see right away?  Is it better to encourage people to contact you to discuss pricing?  Or would you be better off doing something different?

Believe it or not, how you choose to showcase your pricing can make a huge difference in your conversion rate!

I’m sharing my experience and exactly what I did to take lackluster conversion and send it through the roof!  

You’ll learn:

Why you should be thinking about those opt-ins
The incredible value of a detailed service menu
What worked for […]

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WordPress Website Design – How to Create a Membership Website Part V

We’re back for Part V (the final installment!) of our latest WordPress Website Design series – How to Create a Membership Website!

So you’re just about ready to launch your membership website, right? Your site is set up with the WishList plugin. You’ve set your price point, and it’s connected to your shopping cart and email system. Your high value content is ready for your members, either all at once or monthly. You’re ready to go – except – you need a sales page on your website to drive potential members to your membership site!

Creating a sales page for your membership […]

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WordPress Website Design – How to Create a Membership Website Part III

We’re back for Part III of our latest WordPress Website Design series – How to Create a Membership Website!

Now that you’ve chosen the type of membership website you’d like to offer, and the price point you’d like to create, it’s time to decide how your clients can access your site. Once again, you have choices to make that allow you to determine whether your members have access to everything immediately, or if your content will be presented on a month-by-month basis.

Membership website structure

Yearly Membership Website: Whichever structure you choose to use, you can create all of your content in […]

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WordPress Website Design – How to Create a Membership Website – Part II

In my recent post, WordPress Website Design – How to Create a Membership Website – Part I, I provided guidance on choosing the website structure that is best for you.  Now it’s time to dive into content creation (it’s a BIGGIE!).

Creating content for your membership website should be a process similar to any other content you’re creating. It should be high-value, varied and easy to access. You can create videos, blog posts, expert articles, slideshows, infographics, monthly Q&A calls, expert interviews and even feature guest bloggers who may receive a percentage of the monthly membership fees (this allows you […]

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