How to Stop Using Filler Words | 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #40

Are you letting filler words get in the way of your message?  What’s a filler word?  Um, you know what, like, a filler word is.  They’re those little words (not even always actual words….lol) that we often use to fill uncomfortable pauses or silence.  Most of the time, we’re not even aware that we’re using them.

Have you ever listened to someone speaking at an event, in the workplace … or even during a casual conversation … only to find yourself completely distracted by how many times he or she is uttering “ummm” or “so” or “like?”  It’s completely distracting and […]

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Speaking Tips for Speakers Who Are Just Getting Started

Are you new to speaking and feel those jitters come on when you have a gig lined up?

I was recently asked for a few tips a newbie speaker could keep in mind when entering into this type of career. Here was my advice:

You’re nervous because you’re about to be exposed and there’s the fear of messing up, or knowing less than the audience, or of how you’ll do.

A few suggestions:

Go to YouTube and check out videos that speak to this such as “speaker training” or “tips for speaking” etc. There is some great content on YouTube!
For me, I just really […]

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