3 Quick Productivity Reminders to Stay on Your A Game

The demands on an entrepreneur are at an all time high and the intensity is only rising. To-do lists are getting longer and customers expect results faster which means you are being forced to manage your time – every minute of it – otherwise your business will crumble.

If you want to stay on top of your A game, these are some helpful tips:

My highest productivity tip is to “get it done in the moment.“If a task comes in that takes me less than 5 minutes, I immediately knock it out. That could be an email request of someone needing a […]

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The 28 Best Tools and Resources for Your Online Business

As I weave in an out of projects, constantly throughout the day, I use many different tools and resources. I thought today I’d send you a list of some of my best ones. 🙂

Bookmark, save, print this email – it’ll be a great resource for you to look back on as you move your business forward!

In no particular order, these are my MUST-USE tools and resources!

Carbonite – It just takes one computer crash before you’ll get smarter and invest in a computer backup program. I’ve tried many, Carbonite is the best!
KeePass – No cost password organizer. […]

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