How to Avoid The Pinball Effect and Be More Productive

A recent coaching call got me thinking more deeply about how “chaotic” our minds can get as entrepreneurs.

Do you ever feel like the ball in a pinball machine?

We’re trying to focus on developing a program, but then we need to write that blog post, and oops we need to say something on social media… then,”oooh…. look who just launched a new program! It’s gorgeous. Gosh, I’m not doing enough… Maybe that idea I had wasn’t right… Maybe I need to do this new thing. Ok, I’m going to start mapping that new idea out. Oooh this is fun! Wait… I […]

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An End-of-Day Routine to Boost Productivity

Get ready to learn my very own personal end-of-day routine that I’ve executed for years! It dramatically improves my mood, stress and overall productivity. No joke!

You’ve probably heard about many great ways to start your day. But, guess what? Your end-of-day routine is just as important. Frankly… I might argue it’s more important!

So, here’s a big question for you. Do you end your day at the office in a way that leaves you feeling productive and stress-free? Do you step away from your work feeling organized and confident about how you’ll tackle the next day? If not, wouldn’t you love […]

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Pacing Yourself vs. Doing it All | 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #19

Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought of doing it all?  If so, you’re going to love this week’s Fast Track training!  Not only are you getting permission to NOT do it all, but you’re going to learn why a slow build is better for your sanity and your business.

As an entrepreneur, you have so much to do.  You have experts telling you the millions of things you need to be doing in order to be successful.  While exciting, it’s stressful and pulls your focus away from what matters most.

I’m inviting you to slow down, take a breath and think about what […]

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Implement an End-of-Day Routine That Fuels Productivity | 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #7

Do you end your days at the office in a way that leaves you feeling productive and stress-free?  We often hear about great ways to start the day.  Things we can do each morning to get us energized for the day ahead.

Well, guess what?  Your end-of-day routine is just as important.  In fact, it can change your life (seriously!).

I’m sharing how I close each business day and how these actions can do wonders for your mindset and productivity!

You’ll discover:

Why the state of your desk matters
The beauty of lists
How organization and daily closure leads to renewed energy

Want to try a new way to end your […]

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3 Quick Productivity Reminders to Stay on Your A Game

The demands on an entrepreneur are at an all time high and the intensity is only rising. To-do lists are getting longer and customers expect results faster which means you are being forced to manage your time – every minute of it – otherwise your business will crumble.

If you want to stay on top of your A game, these are some helpful tips:

My highest productivity tip is to “get it done in the moment.“If a task comes in that takes me less than 5 minutes, I immediately knock it out. That could be an email request of someone needing a […]

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A Cure to Overwhelm & Too Much Going On

Do you feel that pressure when you breathe sometimes? You know it’s coming from “too much to do” or “too much to look at” syndrome, but every time you sit down to get some real work done, you feel like you can’t catch up?

I see a LOT of people experiencing these feelings and I do have a solution!

What the Top Experts are Doing

Do you ever look at a giant in your industry and think, “How the heck do they do it all? I’m struggling with what’s just on my plate, yet they are creating video and blog posts and running […]

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