Why You Need to Build Your Email List and How to Optimize It | 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #64

You’ve heard a lot of other experts and gurus say, “The money is in the list. Your email list is your number one online asset.” However, I’m a firm believer that quality is better than quantity.

In this video training, I’ll be answering a great question from Sandy Rocourt of our NGNG community. “Why is it so important for my website strategy to strictly focus on building an opt-in email list? Is the email list one of the primary metrics for success?”

Would you rather have 100,000 people on your email list, and a .01% conversion rate or have 500 or […]

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Latest WordPress Website Development Project for New to Online Teaching Website

When the client brings us an entirely new approach to an established niche, the responsibility is substantial. This is what happened when Carolyn Williams, thanks to a referral from the business education team at Mirasee, asked us to develop her new WordPress website.

Of course, such a challenge really gets our creative juices flowing, enabling us to bring all our experience and expertise to bear.

Offering a New Approach to Teaching Adults Online at AdultLearningU.com

Carolyn Williams is a PhD who coaches adult educators in the design and development of courses and active learning strategies that apply andragogical concepts […]

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Personal & Executive Coach Seeks WordPress Development & Design Experts for New Business Website

Following a referral from well-known business coach Carolin Soldo, Personal & Executive Coach Maria Neizvestnaya got in touch with Amber seeking support to build a new business website.

Maria did not have a website for her business at the time she came to us. She did have a very nice logo with some great imagery so, as she and Amber developed a Content Plan for her new website, it became clear that she would need:

Home page
About page
Work with Me sales page (Services)
Testimonials page
Blog page
Optin Offer and Funnel
Contact page
Social Media
A section for legal information (Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, etc.)

These are fairly standard needs […]

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Anti-Aging Doctor Seeks WordPress eCommerce Website Development with Marketing & Monetization Support

Dr. Stephanie Gray is one of the most credentialed female healthcare providers in the Midwest, focusing her practice in the areas of integrative, anti-aging, and functional medicine. With a new #1 bestselling book to promote, along with her online store featuring more than 80 dietary supplement products, she sought the help of JJ Virgin’s MindShare community. They referred her to Amber and the NGNG Team.

With no website, Dr. Stephanie was beginning from scratch and she had an aggressive timeline. We helped her set up an eCommerce store, using WooCommerce integrated with Infusionsoft, where she could sell her supplements and her […]

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Motivational Speaker and Sales Leader Seeks WordPress Website Development Support

Dan Casetta is a Top Producer in sales, a popular motivational Keynote Speaker, and author. His mission is to transform business cultures by affecting how managers, employees, and peers interact with each other, so that they are more engaged, higher-performing, happier, and more loyal.

With a new book soon to be published, Dan was looking for support to create a minimalist website that could grow and expand as the need arose. Thanks to a referral by Front Row Factor Founder Jon Vroman, Dan got in touch with Amber to ask for support in developing his new website.

Dan’s Message is Very Personal, […]

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Joint Venture Management Service Seeks WordPress Website Developer for Podcast Site

Bob Serling has a revolutionary idea for developing, funding, and marketing products: collaboration. Since he believes strongly that success comes through relationships, he also believes in joint ventures. Further, he’s convinced that the best way to get his message across in our fast-paced world is in 15-minute bites of high-value information – thus, the idea for his 15-Minute Email Academy website.

With a referral from Pete Vargas of Advance Your Reach, Bob got in touch with Amber for help putting together a simple podcast website. Because his message is simple, he wanted his website to reflect that.

A Simple Podcast Website is […]

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Naturopathic Doctor Seeks Help Developing a Personal-Branded Website

Dr. Christina Bjorndal is Naturopathic Doctor with a practice in Edmonton. She is an authority in the treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, and eating disorders. One of the many doctors who have hired us out of JJ Virgin’s MindShare Summit, our goal was to use warmer colors and more imagery, to present Dr. Chris in a more relaxed, therapeutic environment.

Since we had the opportunity to create a fresh new brand for Dr. Chris, we were able to create a vibrant and empowering site that parallels her awesome personality.

Creating a Contemporary Feel was a Priority for […]

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Risk Management Expert Seeks Help from WordPress Website Design Experts

Thanks to a referral from the business education team at Mirasee, Risk Management Expert Carol Williams approached Amber and the NGNG Team looking to revitalize her WordPress website and marketing message.

Risk management is anything but a static pursuit for an organization, at least as taught by Carol. Rather, it is a dynamic, ever-changing quest for long-term engagement and stability. With that in mind, the NGNG Design Team thought her new website should reflect that approach – with a vital and strategic appeal for the tailor-made risk management solutions Carol has to offer her clients.

While Simple Can Work, Simplistic is Often […]

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Online Personal Development Coach Seeks Website Redesign and Business Branding Support

Too often, even when a website tells a story, it does not accurately reflect the vitality and personality of the owner. Such was the case when online personal development coach Naomi Sodomin sought help with a website redesign from NGNG.

After speaking with Naomi, Amber knew her website needed to more accurately portray the warmth and earthiness of her personality, along with the innovative and exciting approach she takes toward career and life coaching for women. It was apparent from the beginning that we had to help visitors “get to know” Naomi as quickly as possible, using new imagery and refreshed […]

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Transformational Coach Seeks WordPress Website Design Experts to Transform Her Business Website

Transformational coach Jeneen Masih, had a vision for her business website: “A place for successful people to learn more about how they can take themselves from the lives they are currently living to a more dynamic and purposeful life they had only once dreamed of.”

To realize this vision, there were more than a few steps to be taken:

Sell products on-line
Sell services on-line
Event/workshop/seminar registration
Generate leads to sell off-line
Communicate benefits/capabilities
Capture newsletter/e-zine sign-ups
Improve monetization efforts

Doing all of this would prove difficult working as she was from such a monochromatic website. In consultation with Amber, it was agreed that the redesign of Jeneen’s website […]

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