Facebook Live Video: Carolin Soldo and Amber Vilhauer on Marketing Strategy & Business Growth

Are you trying your hardest to create effective content but finding that it’s just not resonating with the right people? The solution lies within this Facebook Live I recently created with the amazing Carolin Soldo! Carolin is sharing the marketing strategy that she uses to continually grow her business and connect with her clients.

Carolin is just so in the zone during this video… you can’t afford to miss the HIGH-VALUE she is sharing with you!

Meet Carolin Soldo:

Carolin is on a mission to help you build a THRIVING coaching business while igniting your passions. There’s a reason she’s been called “The […]

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Shake the Apple Tree

I want to share a concept that came to me not too long ago, and it’s really made a difference.

There were certain aspects of my business that had been feeling a bit stale… or it just felt like certain things weren’t working no matter how much effort I put in, how well-researched I was, how much time I spent, or how creative I got with my approach. We’re talking about many months of “trying.”

Nothing bad was happening – it just felt like things weren’t moving forward in these areas. The fighter in me wanted to persevere and prove that I […]

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Creating a Movement!

Who’s up for creating a movement?

Running a business is not easy.  There is always something to think about.

I sometimes think about the routine and automation of each business day. We wake up, we try to market, we try to sell, we need to sell (we need to sell!), we just want to create (we need to sell!), we feel pressure to do more – faster… it can be a lot.  A LOT.

You hear other “experts” say how you need a 5,000+ person list, you need to do more webinars, create more products, start Facebook Ads, get on ClickFunnels … the […]

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7 Tips to Improve Your Mindset!

I want to empower you to improve your mindset and ignite your motivation!

I bet that you are super excited about your business and passionate about helping others.  Am I right?

But chances are you’re not spreading your message effectively and sometimes get stuck in the technology or marketing – the very things that seem to pull you away from making more of an impact.

Sound familiar?

Let this serve as a reminder that you CAN do what you love, build a scalable and profitable business and impact millions around the world.

You CAN.

I’d like to share 7 truths to correct your mindset course and […]

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7 Ways to Get Focused and Make Progress in Your Business, NOW!

You don’t have time to waste, so let’s get you focused and on a better path to the progress you’re ready to make!

1) Become aware of your day-to-day activities, feelings and frustrations.

Most find they can’t stay focused, they are distracted easily (Read: 7 Ways to Kick Distractions to the Curb When Working on Your Business), they are frustrated they’re not making better progress, they feel like nothing they do is working, and all of that emotion is redirected toward how you encounter with friends/family and life experiences in general.

If you really face yourself, you will find areas you’d like […]

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Cringe in Disappointment or See the Opportunity?

I feel called to write this post to make you feel better….even though I’m personally cringing in disappointment!! (or did for a brief moment)

Today, I spent ALL afternoon recording *hours* of video for the Authentic Leader Academy. The topics were very challenging to train on so it required a LOT of brain power and intricate setup.

At the end of a long day (feeling totally wiped, but super proud), I played the last video back…. only to find my Spotify radio had been on in the background through the WHOLE video. I didn’t hear it playing […]

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Get Rid of that Stinkin’ Thinkin’

Do you wonder why you’re not getting better results? Do you secretly feel you could be living life more fully?

Most feel a fog – a lack of understanding on how to get what they want from life.

The Mindset Challenge

If the first step to breaking a habit is awareness, I propose a challenge for you.

Be masterfully in tune with your thoughts today and keep a tally of the number of times you are thinking thoughts that make you feel bad.

For example, “I should do that, but I’ll do it tomorrow.” This makes us feel bad because we could do that task […]

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