Master the Art of Moment Making and Live a Front Row Life!

It’s a special day for me and for one of my most favorite people in the whole world…Jon Vroman.

I met Jon about 13 years ago when I was selling Cutco Cutlery (I still smile every time I think about that game-changing opportunity). Jon was working in corporate when I met him, but branched off and started The Front Row Foundation which raises money to put individuals facing life-threatening illness in the front row of the event of their dreams. I’ve donated to Front Row on multiple occasions, but the best by far was when I got to […]

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Live Your Life in the Front Row

During my time at Vector Marketing I got the privilege of meeting some very powerful leaders, but one stuck out to me in particular. A man named Jon Vroman.

While Jon and I worked at Vector (who markets Cutco Cutlery) he co-founded a very powerful non-profit called “The Front Row Foundation“. The mission is to help people facing life threatening medical conditions get into the front row seats to concerts, sporting events and live performances of the recipients’ choice.

From Jon:

Someone once asked me, “Jon, why do you put so much effort into front row tickets?”

For anyone reading this […]

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