Guest Blogging Still Rocks | 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #17

I’m guessing that you would love to dramatically increase your website traffic, subscribers and customers.  Am I right?  If so, you should consider guest blogging.

This is one of those amazing opportunities to grow along with those in your online community.  Everybody wins.  You leverage successful networks, build professional relationships with other industry leaders and provide incredible value to your readers.  Oh, and did I mention your website traffic can skyrocket?!?

By taking just a little time to get a program in place, you can attract other successful business experts to write blog posts for YOUR website!  It’s easy, it’s FUN and it […]

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Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #6: Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Website

Everyone’s burning question always seems to be around, “How do I get more traffic to my website?!” which is exactly why this episode was created.

I am about to take you on a deep dive experience about the top 4 strategies to get more eyes viewing your work – but caution – if your website isn’t setup properly, you won’t take advantage of the visitors when they do come running toward you.

To optimize your website results, you can also check out this episode: What’s Missing In Your Website That’s Hurting Your […]

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You’re Sitting on A Gold Mine: The #1 Action to Recharge Your Website

Simply put, you are CRAZY to not take advantage of the blog on your website. Absolutely CRAZY!!

Are you frustrated you aren’t getting more traffic to your website?

Do you see friends sharing other people’s content and wish they would share yours?

How nice would it be to not just get more traffic, but build your list faster, sell more product and be “in demand?”

This is ALL a result of regular blogging.

My goal is to blow your mind with three things:

All the ways your blog will supercharge your website and get you massive results
How easy it is to get started and keep going
A […]

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