Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #23: What is a Hashtag and How Do I Use Hashtags?

When I first started out in the amazing world of social media I had no freaking clue what a “hashtag” was!! I wondered if I had to go somewhere to register this so called hashtag, why anyone would use it, and why they were so dang popular.

So I dug in all those years ago and as it turns out….its SO EASY!!

In this video you’ll learn:

What a hashtag is
How to create a hashtag
Which social networks use hashtags
How to search hashtags and join specific conversations
Why you’d want to use hashtags for special events
and sooo much more!

I get super specific so you’ll learn […]

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What is Google+ and Why Should We Use Google+?

Maybe like many of you, I’ve been trying to “get into” Google+ – Google’s new social network.

Do I think it is a “must” to be on Google+? Yes.

Do I think it is worth your time to learn it and love it? Yes.

I believe this social network will be a major player (and already is for some). I find myself resistant only because I don’t love how you gain friends. It’s just different, not bad. With Facebook, you can click a button and send a “friend request” and the other person accepts – now you are connected. They can see your […]

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