Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #7: Key Mindset Shifts for Business Success with Heather Elliott

Heather Elloitt’s work with Changing Limiting Mindsets has given her the eyes to see inside the mind to the many intricately linked scripts, beliefs, and programs housed within our brain that are ALWAYS creating our reality.

How Your Mind Forms:

You achieved a certain level of success but can’t seem to move past it.
You make plans, stick to them for a bit and then go back to old habits.
You visualize a new future only to lose track of it in the day-to-day grind of what has always been happening.
You feel like you’re stuck in some limiting pattern that keeps looping in your […]

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PRODUCTIVITY TIP: Work Smarter Not Harder

PRODUCTIVITY TIP: People always feel more stress and anxiety on Mondays as well as at other blocks of time throughout the week.

I have noticed Monday’s are super busy for us in general, then email requests are strongest in the morning and late afternoon. That means, things calm down from about 11am-3pm.

By really paying attention to this, I see that I should schedule any client calls during that slower window so I am not distracted or anxious during my time with clients.

Then when email volume is at a peak, I schedule no calls so I can knock out replies without distraction […]

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SUCCESS TIP: Take Advantage of Fridays

On Friday, many people are fried from the busy work week or plan an early exit. Hey man, This happens to me too so no judgement!

However, Friday is also the day that I’ve knocked out most of my products or written most of my blog posts for the week ahead.

There’s a little more quiet time and with three or four dedicated hours in the afternoon you could tooootally write that eBook you’ve been meaning to write but never seem to have the time for (poke). You could write or video multiple blog posts and then you’d have one less thing […]

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Organize Your Way to the Top: 5 Keys from an Efficiency Queen

A question I get all the time from clients or those who know me well is, “How do you do it all?“

I wasn’t born with some amazing ability to multi-task or be crazy efficient. It’s something I worked really hard at. Now, sure, it comes very easily which is why my first reaction to questions about how I pull it all off is, “I have no idea!” It’s a habit now and I want to share some keys with you of how I came to be super efficient, which allowed me to take on more client projects, which resulted in […]

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Get an Extra Hour Out of Your Day Today

How can you get an extra hour from each day? This is a basic challenge for all of us. I’ve discussed this challenge with action and results-oriented people I know. Together, we’ve come up with many practical ways to secure one more precious hour from each day. (Remember that each of these tips is probably adaptable to your particular situation.) Here they are. I hope you’ll find them helpful and useful to you…

Make up and follow a detailed, daily schedule.
Get up earlier.
Do less passive reading, TV watching, and the like.
Avoid allowing others to waste […]

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