Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #23: What is a Hashtag and How Do I Use Hashtags?

When I first started out in the amazing world of social media I had no freaking clue what a “hashtag” was!! I wondered if I had to go somewhere to register this so called hashtag, why anyone would use it, and why they were so dang popular.

So I dug in all those years ago and as it turns out….its SO EASY!!

In this video you’ll learn:

What a hashtag is
How to create a hashtag
Which social networks use hashtags
How to search hashtags and join specific conversations
Why you’d want to use hashtags for special events
and sooo much more!

I get super specific so you’ll learn […]

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5 Tools to Make Your Life Easier Online

Do you feel overwhelmed with everything you want to get done online? From social media, to blogging, to email, I know sometimes it feels like too much to handle. I am constantly searching for great tools I can implement to make my life easier online. Today, I hope you’ll jump on board to improve your efficiency and dump those online blues!

Tool #1: Boomerang for Gmail

I LOVE this email tool! Boomerang allows you to schedule email replies for a future date and time. It also allows you to keep your Inbox manageable by scheduling an email to disappear […]

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Pre-Schedule Your Facebook Posts for the Week for Increased Productivity

You’ve heard that making regular posts on social media is critical to your success, and you heard that right! I also know that posting on Facebook is tough to do during the day. You get wrapped up on client projects, phone calls and email.

What I would suggest is scheduling all of your social media posts for the week on a Sunday or even the Friday before.

Post great educational and inspiring content your audience will enjoy reading. Post 2-4 times a day at different times (for example, space out posts every 2 hours or so).

How do I schedule […]

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Have You Thought of Facebook as Your Opt-In List Yet?

If you’ve studied Internet Marketing at all, you’ve heard “build a list, build a list, build a list!” This is sound advice. Building a list of email addresses, people that are interested in following you – this can be your greatest online asset over time. Of course you’ll want to handle your “list” with care. Don’t spam, don’t email every day, etc etc.

Follow my logic here for a moment… People are subscribing to lists less and less. Some have asked if that burst of squeeze pages, newsletter signup forms and ethical bribes (like an eBook giveaway) are going away […]

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Privacy Issues? Facebook to Allow 3rd Party Sites to “Personalize” Your Experience

Where is Facebook headed? At their third annual f8 conference held in San Francisco last week, decisions were made to automatically opt-in users to a 3rd party personalized experience. As groves of long-time Facebook users close or suspend their account, questions are raised as to how much of your private information is given away.

Sites that have access to your profile right now include Yelp, Microsoft Docs, Pandora.

“The plan consisted largely to enable people to “like” content from around the Web, transmitting their downstream activity back to Facebook, and […]

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Top 15 Ways People Use Facebook

I saw the most interesting post on Facebook last night and it made me wonder how many ways I could come up with that people use Facebook. Too much time searching Facebook later, I came up with the top 15 ways people use Facebook. As you go through these, I hope you start to look at Facebook in a new light, to help spread your message even faster. The first one below is the post that caught my attention last night.

People Use Facebook to…Do Ask Campaigns!

People Use Facebook to…Promote Job Opportunities!

People Use Facebook to…Spread Their Blog Posts!

People […]

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What is Twitter, Facebook, Digg,, Flickr, Squidoo, and all the others?

You’ve heard about Twitter and Flickr, Digg and Facebook, right? But maybe you have no idea what they do, or why so many people care about them.

The whole point of the sites below is to build and expand your ONLINE network. Similar to going to a conference or “belly to belly” networking luncheon – These sites are a way for you to login to a website to create that same experience – but on a much larger scale. At a luncheon, you may get 10-15 business cards? Online, there are people that have a network of over 100,000! Seek these […]

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