How to Monetize Using Affiliate Marketing | 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #31

Who’s up for a great monetization tip?   I have two words for you.  Affiliate Marketing.

I created this video to give you some great ideas around this process and how to use it to earn extra income while also providing some really great value to your fellow entrepreneurs.  So whether you’ve already been an affiliate – or have no idea what affiliate marketing even is – you’ll get some value of your own from watching.  🙂

Are you ready?

Grab a pen, a notepad … and click play!

Learn the ropes:

Where to find opportunities that are a fit for you AND your audience
How to use […]

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Affiliate Marketing Basics – How to Promote Your Affiliate’s Programs

Now that you’ve decided to Make Extra Income through Affiliate Programs, it’s time to talk about marketing them to ensure that you actually do create a new income stream from the commissions you hope to receive.

Create a Launch Plan

…just as your affiliate developed a plan to launch their product or service to create a return on their investment. Now that you’ve become invested in their product or service, you too should create a plan to launch it to your visitors and list.

Blog Post – explain why you love this product or service so much. Especially if you use it yourself, […]

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Affiliate Marketing Basics – How to Make Extra Income (Part One)

Need a cash infusion? Affiliate marketing is a great way to “Work smarter, not harder”. Most emerging entrepreneurs struggle to generate cash, at least now and then. Others struggle with cash flow occasionally, when business is slow. Still others just like to generate what’s known as “passive revenue”. Whatever your reason may be for exploring the world of affiliate marketing, it’s a great way to quickly generate revenue for your business – with minimal effort. Essentially, when you become an affiliate, you sell a product or service for another provider. For this, they will pay you a commission. Of course, […]

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Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #22: For Coaches … 4 Ways to Make Immediate Income (NO gimmicks!)

If you are a coach who has made every effort to build your online platform …. YET you’re not making product sales, you’re not building your email list very quickly and you’re running out of time to make sales…. this video is for you!

Learn 4 ways I personally make money online – quickly. No gimmicks!

This is coming from a very hard working, totally authentic person who wants to make a positive impact in the world just like you.

Get a pen and paper because in this video I go DEEP with specific action steps to make immediate income for your coaching […]

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Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #15: Affiliate Programs & Marketing 101

Are you looking for ways to generate some extra money by marketing a product, program or service that you believe in?

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn some extra income while you get your own products created and monetize your business.

Even for established entrepreneurs, affiliate marketing can be a great way to grow your business online and offer lots of value to your tribe.

In this video training I’ll talk about:

How to find affiliate programs to sign up for
Examples of products, programs and services I’ve offered
FTC regulations so you’re selling in an ethical fashion
The strategy for marketing your affiliate […]

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What’s the Deal with Affiliate Marketing and Social Media?

By now you’ve heard a little something about affiliate marketing – enough to know you should be an affiliate. You’ve also heard how imperative social media is.

Wanna hear my two cents? Below you’ll find a 20-minute audio where I was interviewed by Pam Zimmer. Feel free to download, SHARE, or listen straight from this post.

What questions did I answer?

Why would someone want to sign up as an affiliate and what are the benefits?
What is a “mask URL” and when/why would you want to use one?
How can you leverage being an affiliate to market […]

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