Areas we can support your online summit:

Consulting, website setup, copywriting, JV and speaker management, social media support, launch strategy, team management and scheduling, conversion to evergreen product post-launch, and more!

Client Feedback


I really appreciate all the great work you’re doing. You are just amazing. You’re part of Team Ray now!

Ray Edwards

I feel incredibly lucky to be working with you. This [The Healthy Traveler’s Global Summit] has been by far the BEST summit we have ever run and your business, interpersonal, emotional intelligence, and incredible knowledge are definitely profound. You are the best of the best at what you do. Nothing but love and appreciation. So fortunate to have connected : ) Working with you is beyond a true pleasure and a breath of the freshest air. You are amazing!

Wesley Kress, MBA

Amber gets it right the first time. Creative and on time are just some of the experiences you will have working with her.

Jigs McHugh

I love the holy heck out of Amber and her amazing team….
I’m working my day job and creating my dream job…its a lot of work. But Amber makes it seem so easy! She’s positive without gushing; she reminds me of the importance of my vision when I’d just rather forget it and go eat a piece of pie or something. She is fiercely efficient and does so much in so little time, that I’ve questioned her business model!! But here’s her business model – she’s provides value generously. And the rest takes care of itself. She is soooo easy to work with and has an intuition that hears what is underneath all the words. And she has the courage to say things that I needed to hear and at times are REVOLUTIONARY to my thought process about my business. Though we’ve never met in person before, she’s welcome at Thanksgiving and other family gatherings. Her busy calendar is all the social proof anyone needs to validate their choice in selecting a highly sought after rock star, but you’ll always feel like her one and only.

Christine Cress

What you need to know about
Online Summit Consulting & Management


More information about Online Summits

If you are considering running an online summit, you are in for an incredible opportunity to build an email list, generate sales and superboost your credibility as an authority in your field.

Hosting an online summit is a LOT of work, but when executed properly will offer real long-term value in your business. You need the right team to support you. You need to find great speakers to video interview. You need a solid launch plan that includes affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, upsell opportunities and more.

Summits we are currently working on or have recently supported:

How NGNG can support your Online Summit

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to any online business project so instead, we can work to support as much or as little of your project as you choose. Some popular services we offer our online summit clients include:

  • Initial consult and strategy
  • Complete organization and time-line breakdown
  • Email templates for inviting speakers, accepting speakers, scheduling interviews, post-interview next steps, launch prep emails, post-launch results and more
  • Total management of speakers, sponsors and affiliates
  • Website design and development (initial optin/sales page, back-end member portal, live days)
  • Full copywriting support (for initial optin/sales page, ALL email and social marketing copy and more)
  • Management of your other team members to ensure all supporters are on point, hitting deadlines and offering you their best support
  • Launch planning and execution
  • Integration support with ecommerce and email management system (whether MailChimp, InfusionSoft or any other platform)
  • Post-launch transition to evergreen product
  • and much more

NGNG is currently working with multiple Online Summit clients as their full-service go-to support team.

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