Client Feedback


I really appreciate all the great work you’re doing. You are just amazing. You’re part of Team Ray now!

Ray Edwards

Thank goodness I had the intuition and good sense to work with Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer on the marketing campaign for my book launch. In a few short minutes on the phone, we nailed my bonus products and brainstormed some other great ideas I can use in the future. I could reach her any time with questions or concerns and she answered in a timely manner. I really appreciated how quickly she delivered on her promises. She made it so easy!! Thank you Amber! I’d work with you again in a heartbeat.

Lisa Chell

“Amber is like my best-kept-secret – every time I’m launching a new class or workshop she is my go-to-gal to getting all of my systems aligned and integrated. Her communication is impeccable and she takes care of things with ease. Highly recommend!”

Melissa Cassera

What you need to know about
for Online Launches

How NGNG can Support Your Online Product, Program or Service Launch

When you launch a webinar, product, membership or program it’s critical to have a team that backs you who understands all areas of the launch.

We can help!

Not only can we help with the strategy and road map for your launch, but we can help get all of the pieces setup for you too!

For example, do you have plans to run a webinar this year?

Here’s a list of some of the pieces involved:

  • Landing page to promote the webinar
  • Success page people see after registering for the webinar
  • Welcome email people get after opting in for the webinar
  • 48hr, 12hr, 1hr and starting now reminder for webinar
  • Setup the webinar software and run test webinars to learn the system
  • Prepare your webinar slides and overall format for the session
  • post-webinar email sequence to promote a product, program or service
  • last chance to buy email sequence
  • Shopping cart page for the product, program or service
  • Success page people see after buying the course
  • Welcome email people get after buying the course
  • And there’s even more beyond that…

Can you see how nice it would be to work with someone who understands ALL of these moving pieces so you can just focus on the content creation and delivery?

NGNG is currently working with multiple clients as their full-service go-to support team for their online launches. It all starts with a quick conversation.

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Feedback from #1 Bestselling Author Joel Comm