How to Overcome Your Fears In Business to Achieve Success and Meet Your Potential

I was at a great conference for authors today and listened to a talk by the amazing Matthew Bennett. This guy has sold MILLIONS of copies of books, donated GOBS of money to charity and OOZES success.

Matthew BennettI love that he started his talk letting us know that at the end of the talk he wanted to offer full transparency and have us ask ANYTHING we wanted – highlighting that he wanted us to ask the questions we were afraid to ask. Damn I love that.

So I listened to his whole talk. It was great (and funny). He educated us on how to sell piles of books to corporations. A very unique approach to get massive book sales and spread your message further than you probably ever could trying to go the traditional route. I have studied this strategy for years, but he offered great tips about how to go after the biggest fish and make the biggest strides for success. He nailed it.

At the end of his talk, I’m looking around at the room of authors who were all pumped to implement these strategies. Reality hit me though and I felt disappointment because most people in the room might never even “try” his suggestions because of fear. That nasty Inner Critic that prevents the majority from going after what they truly want.

I raised my hand and asked something like,

“People always leave seminars feeling pumped up to make success happen for themselves. Yet, something stops them. I’ve seen people constantly struggle to do the things they want to do or need to do because they are afraid to go after it. They have reservations on taking even the smallest of steps. What is your advice to get into the right mindset and actually go after these strategies for success?

Oh boy did he LOVE that question. Of course, I was fired up to hear his response. You know I live the phrase No Guts No Glory so I am always interested to see how superstars answer this question.

His response was simple and true. You just have to do it. He said there is no magic formula (so right on!!). “You have to be realistic. You can just hire someone to do the work for you either. You must engage.

And there you have it folks. There is no secret sauce. There are just people in this world who feel the fear and do it anyway. There are also people in this world who feel the fear and it stops them in their tracks.

I decided early on in life that I wanted to face my fears and I can tell you honestly, it’s been 100% worth it.


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