How to Build Your Audience Using a Proven Strategy!

How would you like to build your audience with a proven strategy?  Yep … something that actually works!

There are 5 major struggles that authors, bloggers and online entrepreneurs face when trying to grow their businesses.

Can you guess the #1 struggle?

According to a survey of over 10,000 authors and business owners that my friend Nick Stephenson ran in 2016, the top struggle (by a long shot!) is “growing my audience.”

Surprised?  Probably not, right?

I always have my eyes on processes, programs and products that will help you and add value to your life and business.

So, in that spirit, I want you to know about this pretty spectacular eBook that will help you smash through this roadblock and start seeing results after just a few days.

reader-magnetsNick’s eBook “Reader Magnets” breaks down how to get your first 10,000 readers… (I read it myself and found it very valuable, which is why I’m confident to share it with you.)

You can download a free copy (like I did) here!

Don’t have a book yet? Doesn’t matter. You can learn a lot out of any strategy (plus, he shares the fastest way to get a book on the market – ahem, talk about a credibility booster for your business!).

Nick is in the middle of a big launch, so stay tuned on my social media channels – Twitter and Facebook – to learn about other free tools to grow your audience and business (not just for authors!).

If you’ve read Reader Magnets, comment below and let me know what you think!

Amber Vilhauer

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