How Can the Little Guys Ever Get Noticed?

Do you look at these online giants and ever get defeated wondering how your business will ever be seen?

How can you possibly be one of those giants someday when the competition is so incredibly steep and people are so overwhelmed with information… how do you stand a fighting chance?

Sometimes it may seem easier to give up or change directions than to keep pursuing the great idea you have.

I get it.

Of course I’ve had those thoughts over the years (albeit I’ll say they weren’t thoughts I regularly allowed).

But you know what? If you feel defeated then it is your greatest moment of decision – it’s that moment which decides your future.

So what will you do with the power of that decision?

Will you allow the disappointment to seep into your soul, further validating that in fact, you’ll never pull it off so why keep investing or why keep trying?

Or will you step out of the experience and realize it’s all just a test – that in fact NO ONE is exempt from having to prove themselves if they want to be a giant success.

Happiness comes from your own actionsOf course Marie Forleo and Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard all had those moments of doubt, fear, rejection, insecurity, limiting belief … you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel those emotions.

But did they let is delay their success?

And why would you let it DELAY your success?

So ration would say…. If you’re going to feel doubt/rejection/insecurity anyway – regardless of your good karma, your efforts or status – and you have control over how to respond to those emotions then it would make more sense to let the thoughts pass and move on with pursuing your goal so you don’t further delay your potential. No?

The little guys can get noticed by putting forth more effort than they want to, every single day.


Keep giving back to others.

Keep supporting everyone you meet with their goals.

You will build a huge support network before you know it. And if you keep producing valuable content and helping others, you won’t be able to slow down your success.

Don’t let your Inner Critic get in your way. That’s too predictable.

Be better than your thoughts.

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