Thank you for encouraging me to take my site to a level of professionalism I wasn’t aware of being possible.

Debra Block

“Amber’s workshop taught me all about using social media, building a website and having content – it was an amazing experience. Amber is so professional at what she does. You will love her, learn from her…she has lots to offer.”

Jan Haas

“There is one word that describes Amber – ROCKSTAR. Amber is extremely knowledgeable, organized and always goes the extra mile. NGNG has an amazing web development team who are all super professional, get things done efficiently and provide awesome service. I would not hesitate to recommend Amber for Website Development and Online Business Development.”

Kate Muker

There are leaders, and there are those who lead. In a similar fashion there are web developers, and there are Online Business Development Coaches (those who develop your platform from your web of ideas and a host of social media channels.)

Why hire three different individuals when you can get all three (Web Developer, Social Media Branding Specialist and Online Business Development Coach) in one person – Amber Ludwig

Having said that, I do not recommend companies. I recommend individuals. I recommend Amber because I trust her (and that trust is based on her unwavering integrity and competence)

Ray Charles

“Wow, this [blog post] is excellent! I don’t have any changes to add. It’s perfect! The tone and style is exactly how I want it. Many thanks!”


Arvid Yap

I have known Amber for several years. She is personable, highly attentive to her work, great results & great integrity with all people

Ron Gollehon

Amber is a very organized website developer. She will make any website project easy for the business owner or partner. Amber’s work is very good, she knows WordPress very well and can tackle anything you send her way. Efficient, keeps you informed throughout the project and great to work with!

Linda Musselwhite

Amber is an excellent communicator who works well with clients. She has a complete understanding of the technology and does a great job making sure clients understand as well. Amber offers great results and she is consistent in what she does. Thank you Amber, I look forward to working with you on future projects

Elton Pride

Thank you so much for all your hard work on this project. I’m in love with the new site. You ladies are amazing. Look forward to recommending you and your company!! Thank you so much!

Nickole Perry

Amber is seriously hands down the best online support/marketing/guru/coach/copywriter ever – it’s endless what she does, and after years of being online, I’ve finally found the right support who is brilliant and “gets” me. I’m grateful.

Dr. Debi Silber