Facebook Live Video: Cultivating New Habits of Lifestyle Change and Business Growth with Chamera Bowman

Have you ever wondered how to access your true gifts?

Do you wish you had a rhythm and flow that allowed you to follow-through on your goals, instead of reverting to old self-sabotaging habits?

Chamera Bowman is your go-to girl to develop new habits of lifestyle change and achieve an extraordinary amount of confidence. Chamera found her calling as a Personal and Business Coach after experiencing a dark time in her own life. She, too, once needed help and guidance and began working with a life coach. After this transformative process, she discovered her passion for helping others, specifically women entrepreneurs. Today, Chamera is the best selling author of Commit to Your Passion, speaker, health and life strategist, and transformation coach.

Chamera believes the most successful people understand the benefit of investing in themselves. That is why we are very honored that Chamera chose our team at NGNG Enterprises to create her brand new website for her business needs.

Get to know Chamera better by watching the Live Stream below. You will get a chance to hear how Chamera discovered her passion, what her goals and dreams for the future are, and her experience working with the NGNG Team on her brand new website.

If you are inspired by this message, we would love to connect with you! Whether you are looking for a new website that is a better representation of you and your work, looking to implement a new marketing strategy that is cost-effective and highly impactful, or an author looking for best-selling book launch support, download our pricing menu and stay connected with us!

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