Great copywriting is a top key to higher conversions!

In successful marketing campaigns that persuade customers and sell products, the difference is still the writing. Whether you’re a speaker, author or a coach, here is a hard truth about marketing.

There’s writing to please your English teacher, and then there’s writing to sell
products and services—and they’re two completely different things.

Many authors and speakers have competent everyday writing skills that are great for writing books and articles. However, knowing the inside secrets for writing persuasive sales materials with engaging emotional messaging is a specialty in itself.

Don’t you want to (finally) have online marketing content that:

  • Builds your brand image in a positive light
  • Generates leads more easily
  • Persuades prospects (in an authentic and energetic way)
  • Makes it easier to sell (let the content do the bulk of the selling for you)
  • Propels your personal success in a way you can feel good about…

The range of compelling materials we have TONS of experience with includes:

  • Website and blog copywriting
  • Email broadcasts, autoresponders and funnel campaigns
  • Sales and landing pages
  • eBook development
  • and more…

We offer “copy review” services in which we take materials you have written and give them a professional edit and polish that make them stand out in your market.


…It sounds like you need a dedicated, creative and strategic thinker in your back pocket! Amber Vilhauer fits that role perfectly.

Calling herself an “on-demand coach” there are ZERO long-term, forced commitments, crazy costs, or overly-complicated execution plans.

Imagine a world… where things could be simple, yet highly effective….

Try just one short strategic coaching session and you’ll see why we have been the “secret weapon” behind MANY successful authors, speakers and coaches who have come before you.

Download our complete service menu below for pricing and payment plan options, or contact Amber for a complimentary 30-min call to discuss your project. We hope to hear from you!