How Badly Will Google Punish You for Publishing Duplicate Content?

Have you heard of publishing duplicate content? This is how the industry refers to publishing identical content in more than one place. The most risky form of publishing duplicate content is sharing identical information on the same website. For example, someone might publish the same blog post on different pages of the same website thinking this is beneficial and will result in the post receiving a lot of hits and attention. This is a big no-no.

Now, most website owners know this and work hard to avoid doing it, so the real question is…

How badly will Google punish you for publishing […]

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How to Implement Effective SEO for Your Blog Posts | 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #2

Does the mere thought of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) make you cringe? Well, when you find out how easily you can implement SEO into your blog posts – and how much free traffic it could bring your way – you might start to feel a little differently.

That’s right….free traffic!

I’m sharing the exact steps to take to implement effective SEO into your blog posts!

You’ll learn:

Why consistency is key
How to structure your posts
How to decide on your keywords and where to include them
What you don’t want to forget to do with your blog post image

If you want an easy and legitimate way to […]

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Strategic Blogging: Finding Subjects to Blog About & How to Structure Your Blog Posts

Ever get stuck trying to figure out what to write about for your blog?

Google searches constantly for fresh content and, if you don’t offer the high quality content they’re looking for, you’ll never improve your ranking (and lose out on a lot of visitors to your website).

Now, you have to remember it takes time to build your blog and rank on Google, but that’s OK. Everyone who’s successful online has started at the same place. Today, I’m going to give you one of my favorite tips for figuring out what to blog about. In fact, this tip is not just […]

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How to Get More Traffic to Your Website Video Training

Do you feel like you just can’t seem to get any traction online when it comes to driving traffic or new visitors to your website?

Do you just wish someone who’s “been there” “done that” with building a following could teach you exactly what to focus on so you’re no longer spinning your wheels?

Today, Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer shares a 30-min video training webcast teaching you, “Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Website “

If you’re ready to get serious about driving more traffic to your website this video training episode is for you! We explore video, blogging, Google, SEO and more!

Check […]

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How to Get Started with Blogging: 5 Steps to Rock Your Blog

New to blogging? Do you have this paranoia about what to say or how to start?

Step 1, check out this video:

Watch the video on YouTube, then come back for more! Link opens in a new window for convenience.

There should be a strategy for your blog. You want to have a general theme (mine is online business development for example) and all of your posts are related to that theme. It’s like journaling with a purpose.

Step 2, come up with a list of 50 blog topics

Spend 30 minutes and sit down with a blank sheet of paper. […]

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Why You Need to Be on Google+

Google+ (Plus) is a social network that is taking the Internet by storm. Google+ is Google’s version of Facebook. When this network first came out it felt like a bust. The features were different enough from Facebook that I think it just confused users. Also, everyone was grunting about “another social network to manage.”

However, more and more people are using this social media network for a variety of reasons so it is my suggestion that you get on the social network immediately if you’re not already on it.

Why You Need to Be on Google+

Search […]

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Image Search Engine Optimization for Increased Exposure

Have you ever searched under Google Images?

You’ll go to, click on the top Images tab, and enter your search phrase such as “balloons” and a slew of images come up.

But have you wondered how images get there? Or how you can get YOUR images listed under your industry top search phrases for better exposure?

Most website owners will take photos with a digital camera and upload those photos direct to their website as-is. The problem is that your camera will create a file name such as IMG_2D87364.jpg for that image.

The key is to change that file name to one with […]

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Build Your Online Business: The 5-Pillar Strategy for 6-Figure Success

Everyone needs an online platform. This is your sphere of influence online based on all of your touchpoints – your website, Facebook, networking, etc.

It’s challenging to build a business online and cut through the noise of hundreds of millions of websites online and be heard. You must have a strategy and a focused action plan to reach a global audience that resonates with your message and wants to follow you long-term.

Today I am going to share 5 focus areas that I encourage you to always pay attention to so you can build your business toward 6-figure success. Your success […]

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Google Webmaster to Learn What Your Audience Wants

Today I have a Gold Nugget for you!

I insist you go to Google Webmaster, login with your Google user/password and get your website signed up for free with this awesome software. I’ve used it for years and it is AMAZING!!

I can see how many links there are online to my website (the more people link to your website, the better your search engine rankings will be!), you can see your top keywords, what people are searching on, what your page rankings are.

Some of the content overlaps what Google Analytics will show you. But that’s ok. If […]

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3 Tricks to Develop Blog Post Content People Want to Read + 1 More

We’ve seen it time and time again where we type in a search phrase into Google and an old, outdated blog pops up. (Well, that won’t last anymore, click here to see why, but that’s the way it has been until now.) A blog that someone started, wrote a few posts and bailed. Why they don’t just tear down the site from the Internet altogether, I don’t know.

My sunny theory: I don’t think the blog owner got lazy, but rather, they didn’t know what to say! How many times have you thought, “I should write a blog […]

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