Accelerating and Re-Energizing Your Career with Heather Hubbard

You did it! All of your hard work and energy has paid off, and you have achieved your goal. You are exactly where you have dreamt of being in life… But now what? There has to be more, right? 

YES! But perhaps, you need some help re-envisioning your next chapter.

Heather Hubbard is an attorney, speaker, author, and strategic coach. Heather made Partner and was a practice group leader at an AmLaw 200 firm; however, her personal life was taking a hit. She knew that something needed to change and took some time away from practicing the law to do some much-needed […]

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Colorado Top Fashion Consultant Dana Lynch Launches Redesigned WordPress Website

When certified image consultant and personal stylist Dana Lynch came knocking on our door to have us completely redesign her website, we could not wait to get started!

Dana has spent over a decade working with professional women to help them put together wardrobes that not only look amazing, but bring confidence, comfort and greater success to those who wear them.

When she hired us to redesign her website, we wanted to give to her what she has given to so many others. An end result that not only looks amazing, but brings increased growth and success!

Below is the “before” picture of […]

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Custom Designed Website Headers: Does Your Site Need an Updated Look? (+ See Examples)

Your website header is one of the most important aspects of your website design. It sets the stage for what visitors can expect personality/energy wise. This feeling transfers to your visitor and either makes a good impression or bad impression.

You’ve maybe heard that a great salesperson just transfers their enthusiasm about their product to the buyer. Your website design needs to help transfer that enthusiasm visually to get more prospects converting into buyers.

Great Website Header Examples for Authors, Speakers and Coaches

One of my favorite website headers is Kris Carr’s:

It’s crisp, it’s colorful (like her green smoothies), it’s fun, it’s out in […]

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Make Your Website Do the Work: The 6 Site MUST-Haves to Gain Credibility, Grow Your Following and Generate Sales

Simply put, your website is the hub and heart of everything you do online.

This is your chance to completely express who you are, what you do and the value you can add to others.

Your website is how you capture leads or build your following, and how you sell your products and services. It’s how you connect with people and get them excited to share your message.

You have a global audience at your disposal, you can’t afford not to make your website the very best it could possibly be.

There are really 6 primary goals for your website

Your website MUST clearly showcase […]

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Build Your Online Business: The 5-Pillar Strategy for 6-Figure Success

Everyone needs an online platform. This is your sphere of influence online based on all of your touchpoints – your website, Facebook, networking, etc.

It’s challenging to build a business online and cut through the noise of hundreds of millions of websites online and be heard. You must have a strategy and a focused action plan to reach a global audience that resonates with your message and wants to follow you long-term.

Today I am going to share 5 focus areas that I encourage you to always pay attention to so you can build your business toward 6-figure success. Your success […]

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Get Your Facebook Page Timeline Cover Header Designed

Facebook allows us an 850px X 315px Timeline Cover (or header) that sits at the top of our Facebook pages. The new Facebook cover is a HUGE amount of space to promote you, your business and your services – don’t miss the opportunity to brand your Facebook Timeline Cover.

Total Facebook Branding

There are three ways to uniquely brand your Facebook page(s).

One is with a Facebook Cover as discussed below.
The second is with a Facebook Profile Banner Image which is a medium-sized vertical banner. This image is shown for iPad users. A thumbnail of the banner is also shown on […]

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Branding: eBook Design that Says Something About You and Your Message

eBooks are no longer a “new and cool” concept. It seems like everyone has an eBook – which I think is pretty cool. I love writing eBooks. They’re fast to knock out, they have the opportunity of going viral (if you spend the time to do them the right way) and they can REALLY say something about you and your message.

When you get the idea to write one of these short books (usually 6-12 pages in length), puuullllease consider all that “stuff” beyond writing the words. In my opinion, to write a solid eBook you’ll want to:

Create an outline so […]

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Facebook Landing Page Custom Design and Development

Every Facebook page has the opportunity to have an attached landing page (a Facebook Welcome Landing Page) where you can add video, an optin box, text,images, links – anything you want! It’s awesome!

You’d be crazy to miss out on the opportunity to collect email subscribers from your Facebook page. Below you’ll see examples of how we can help accomplish this for you:

Total Facebook Branding

There are three ways to brand your Facebook page(s).

One is with a Facebook Welcome Landing Page as discussed below. This is to be used only on business pages and a solid way to build your […]

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Website Design Breakdown: What Does Your Headshot Say About You and Your Website?

Today I thought I’d show you a series of website headers containing the website owner’s photo. Featuring your headshot within the header of your website design is very common if you are an entrepreneur, consultant, speaker and/or author.

The photo you choose to represent you in your website design is so important. When a visitor comes to your website for the first time, you have all of 3-5 seconds to make a first impression. That impression will either result in them staying on your site to learn more about you, or they will hit the back button, thereby increasing […]

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