Custom Designed Website Headers: Does Your Site Need an Updated Look? (+ See Examples)

Your website header is one of the most important aspects of your website design. It sets the stage for what visitors can expect personality/energy wise. This feeling transfers to your visitor and either makes a good impression or bad impression.

You’ve maybe heard that a great salesperson just transfers their enthusiasm about their product to the buyer. Your website design needs to help transfer that enthusiasm visually to get more prospects converting into buyers.

Great Website Header Examples for Authors, Speakers and Coaches

One of my favorite website headers is Kris Carr’s:

It’s crisp, it’s colorful (like her green smoothies), it’s fun, it’s out in […]

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4 Keys to Increase Email Marketing Success

Do you ever feel a lack of confidence when you send emails to your list?

You’re not sure what to write about, if anyone cares about your content and how to increase your engagement… or you’re clueless about when to send your emails, how often and how to format your email for best results… sound familiar?

I know there is a lot of confusion amongst authors, speakers and coaches about best email practices so that’s why today I recorded a 30-minute video training to help clear that fog. Check it out:

Today, Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer shares a 30-min video training webcast teaching […]

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Make Your Website Do the Work: The 6 Site MUST-Haves to Gain Credibility, Grow Your Following and Generate Sales

Simply put, your website is the hub and heart of everything you do online.

This is your chance to completely express who you are, what you do and the value you can add to others.

Your website is how you capture leads or build your following, and how you sell your products and services. It’s how you connect with people and get them excited to share your message.

You have a global audience at your disposal, you can’t afford not to make your website the very best it could possibly be.

There are really 6 primary goals for your website

Your website MUST clearly showcase […]

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Top Website Mistakes That Are Costing You Income Video Training

Is your website not getting you the results you think it should be giving you?

Do you wish someone would tell you exactly how a website needs to function in order to get you leads and sales?

Today, Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer shares a 30-min video training webcast teaching you,
“What’s Missing In Your Website That’s Hurting Your Results“

If you’re ready to get serious about driving more traffic to your website and getting better overall website results, this video training episode is for you!

Check out more online business webcast video training episodes on Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer’s YouTube channel […]

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A Call of Action to all Authentic Messengers

Are you an Authentic Messenger who has a burning passion deep down to help others and impact the world for better?

Me too. 🙂

But chances are… you’re not spreading your message effectively and get stuck sometimes in the technology or marketing – the things that seem to pull you away from making more of an impact. Sound familiar?

Today’s message to you is a reminder that you CAN do what you love, build a scalable and profitable business and impact millions around the world.

You CAN.

I’d like to share 7 truths to correct your mindset course and serve as an “ah ha.”

What do […]

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Sharing Images Online: What’s Allowed and What Will Get You In Trouble

Website owners can get a very hefty fine if image usage guidelines are not followed. It’s not uncommon for an owner to get a $1200 fine for one image used without permission.

Most people don’t know better, so they find images online and post them on their website without even knowing there are rules to follow. For your education, these are the guidelines:

You can either:
– Post an image you personally took, since you own the rights to it
– Post an image you bought the rights to, such as on
– Post an image and give proper credit rights to the owner, […]

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How to Stand Apart from Your Competition

Do you feel discouraged with all of the “experts” dominating online every day all around you? Have you wondered how to stand out amongst the crowd of “empowerment experts” that are popping up every day?

One of the most sure-fire ways to stand out in this world is by being authentic, pure and transparent.

I was raised to be very aware and loving. To help as many people as possible and always focus on giving back. It is my nature to always go above and beyond for people – to do the right thing.

This comes across to website visitors, clients, and social […]

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Add a Professional Intro to Your Marketing Videos

You know you need to get into video. You may be a little hesitant because you want it done right, you want to look awesome, and you want to sound awesome.

Believe it or not, I’ve seen some awesome videos that were really effective and shot with an iPhone or iPad. You don’t have to go out and buy fancy equipment, or hire a $2,000 videographer to shoot your videos.

If you want to attract a great following and really build your business to new profit heights, then you need to integrate video in your business.

It’s a great way for people to […]

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You Must Focus on These 6 Things to Build a Successful Business Online

Do you want to get stronger results online?

Then it’s time to look at this list and see what you’ve put on the back burner.

your brand and message specificity
website love
adding regular educational and inspirational content
building your following and email list
developing different types of products and fine-tuning your sales funnel
rocking your social media

You see… if you put one or two or three of those things on the back burner, expect weaker results.

If you want to really build your business successfully online, you must always have a focus on all 6 of these areas. I call them the 6 Pillars to Build […]

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Build Your Online Business: The 5-Pillar Strategy for 6-Figure Success

Everyone needs an online platform. This is your sphere of influence online based on all of your touchpoints – your website, Facebook, networking, etc.

It’s challenging to build a business online and cut through the noise of hundreds of millions of websites online and be heard. You must have a strategy and a focused action plan to reach a global audience that resonates with your message and wants to follow you long-term.

Today I am going to share 5 focus areas that I encourage you to always pay attention to so you can build your business toward 6-figure success. Your success […]

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