Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #23: What is a Hashtag and How Do I Use Hashtags?

When I first started out in the amazing world of social media I had no freaking clue what a “hashtag” was!! I wondered if I had to go somewhere to register this so called hashtag, why anyone would use it, and why they were so dang popular.

So I dug in all those years ago and as it turns out….its SO EASY!!

In this video you’ll learn:

What a hashtag is
How to create a hashtag
Which social networks use hashtags
How to search hashtags and join specific conversations
Why you’d want to use hashtags for special events
and sooo much more!

I get super specific so you’ll learn […]

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Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #22: For Coaches … 4 Ways to Make Immediate Income (NO gimmicks!)

If you are a coach who has made every effort to build your online platform …. YET you’re not making product sales, you’re not building your email list very quickly and you’re running out of time to make sales…. this video is for you!

Learn 4 ways I personally make money online – quickly. No gimmicks!

This is coming from a very hard working, totally authentic person who wants to make a positive impact in the world just like you.

Get a pen and paper because in this video I go DEEP with specific action steps to make immediate income for your coaching […]

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Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #21: 12 Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website from Hackers

Are you scared of breaking something when you make your WordPress website upgrades, so instead of upgrading, you have tons of upgrades available in your WordPress website dashboard?

Do you think just because you haven’t had your website hacked yet that you’re somehow safe and secure from getting hacked? (Oh I hope not!)

Your WordPress website security is extremely important and you need to pay attention to all the ways you can make your website secure from upgrades to hack attacks.

Today’s video training is definitely going to be an eye opener for you!

You’ll learn:

The biggest NO-NO’s about your passwords!
The easiest ways hackers access your […]

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Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #20: What Blog Topics to Write About

Do you ever feel stuck on what to write about for your blog? Do you hope you’ll come up with blog topic that people want to not only read, but share with others on social media?

Today’s video training is definitely for YOU!

You’ll learn:

How to create a content plan that stops all guesswork for future blog writing
My two best ideas for creating the exact content your audience wants most from you
Three hidden secrets the pros use to find the hottest topics to write about
A sure-fire way to leverage the powers of social media to boost your blog
…and SO much more!

video format

audio […]

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Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #19: How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Do you ever feel stretched WAY too thin? I bet you hate that scattered feeling where you’re working at random times, trying to keep up with friendships or family, let alone trying to have ANY time for yourself!

I get asked all the time how I keep up with my work and personal life. Entrepreneurs drool when they see I don’t work nights and weekends yet still run a thriving business. They also see me making the most out of my personal time (including “Amber” time) and ENJOYING life.

Let me tell you, not only is it POSSIBLE to have work/life balance, […]

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Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #18: Step-by-Step How to Write Your Book

Have you experienced that nagging thought inside you that you have a book in you? 

Books are a penny a dozen now which means that we need to make sure we are producing a QUALITY book to rise about the noise of the book world. In order to produce a high quality book that people want to not only read, but share, there are a series of steps that can definitely help you on your way.

How do I know the steps? I’ve worked with some of the nation’s most brilliant ghostwriters, copy editors, agents, publishing house owners, developmental editors, book cover designers, and […]

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Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #17: Membership Website Setup Options

If you’re considering starting up a membership/continuity website, this webcast training video is for you!

Most entrepreneurs love the idea of charging upwards of $97/mo for members to get access to their content. But the problem is, they don’t take time to strategize how to RETAIN those members (so most drop off within 3 months) and they don’t plan in the time it will take to keep adding valuable content (on top of marketing).

Don’t let these common failures happen to you!

I’ve built well over a dozen membership sites – all with different models, content and price points. I know how a […]

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Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #16: Manage Your Mindset

Are you frustrated with wanting to make better progress in your business online yet feel pulled back?

Fear, criticism, doubt and stress all get in the way of being our most successful selves. But what if there was a way to “manage” or control those feelings from holding you back?

Mindset management is one of the MOST valuable strategies I’ve learned and in this video I’m going to teach you everything I know about it!

Check out this training now and leave me your feedback in the comments section below!

video format


Make a comment below sharing:

One takeaway you got from today’s training
A question you’d […]

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Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #15: Affiliate Programs & Marketing 101

Are you looking for ways to generate some extra money by marketing a product, program or service that you believe in?

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn some extra income while you get your own products created and monetize your business.

Even for established entrepreneurs, affiliate marketing can be a great way to grow your business online and offer lots of value to your tribe.

In this video training I’ll talk about:

How to find affiliate programs to sign up for
Examples of products, programs and services I’ve offered
FTC regulations so you’re selling in an ethical fashion
The strategy for marketing your affiliate […]

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Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #14: Collaboration, Strategic Partnerships and Power Networking

Did you know that by focusing on collaboration, strategic partnerships and networking you can build your company MUCH faster?

In today’s video I share with you my personal journey from starting as a shy young adult with poor communication skills to collaborating with superstars like Les Brown, Lisa Nichols and Brendon Burchard in a few short years.

Not only do I share my exact strategies for creating and nurturing these relationships, but I also talk about how I created relationships with companies that sent me a regular flow of clients so I never had to stress, wondering where my next sale was […]

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