Client Feedback

Wow over the top! This is how I describe my business strategy session with Amber. The process she took me through to help me to clearly identify my ideal client was amazing. Initially, I was focusing on creating my content too broadly. Now, I’m working on creating laser focused content to meet the needs of my ideal readers. Furthermore, she gave great advice for marketing on the right platform for my ideal client. Also, she has a really sweet personality. I could feel she really loves what she does and wants to genuinely help others.

Latasha Hodges

“THANKS to you and your amazing talent! For anyone wanting the highest caliber of expertise and support in re-branding or launching a new website… Amber’s your first pick…. thank you AGAIN!!!!!”


I highly recommend Amber and her expertise… she sets herself apart from the rest and is a class act!

Janine Brolly

Are you frustrated and tired of not seeing a return or response when you produce content?

Do you feel a little “all over the place” when you write content?

Are you ready to admit you’re not 100% sure who you’re targeting or how to connect with your ideal target customer?

Client after client I work with experience these same challenges but there IS a simple and fun solution to get on track once and for all.

I am eager to help you identify exactly who your ideal customer is (on a highly granular level where you know the fears, emotions and challenges of your customer!) so you can leave confusion and frustration behind, feel confident when you write your content (whether on blog posts, ezines, social media or when shooting video) and get far better results out of your marketing.

Yes, that is ALL possible in a 1-hour phone session that I call the “Client Identification and Branding Consult”

How It Works…

You and I schedule a time to get on the phone for 90-minutes. I ask you to “get out of your head” and turn your marketing brain off. I will then ask you a series of questions (different for each call I do) and write down your answers. It’s critical that you let the answers come to you naturally.

Once we are all done with these questions, you have a full profile and story of your perfect ideal client, but more, you get possibly the biggest and most important “ah ha” of your entrepreneurial experience to date.

Then I walk you through exactly why this profile is so critical to your success, how to use this information to better market yourself and your products/services, and more.

The branding module allows us to give you the very most value to ensure your message is clear and giving you the best opportunity to monetize! We will start by emailing you a series of questions to fill out. Then we will have a 90-minute branding call to solidify your core message, target client avatar, tagline and brand personality. This is a critical step before logo design or website design.

With the remaining time we will focus on strategy to get far better engagement and results for your business. We’ll also tackle your core message, tagline and brand personality. I’ll conclude with some “next steps” and action items for you so you’re not left wondering what to do.

How to Get Started…

If you’re ready to finally get clear on who your target customer is and how to market to that person FAR more effectively, then this highly customized approach is the answer.

The one-time cost for this consult is $1000 and worth every penny for the results to come in your business after doing the deep work into your perfect customer’s mindset.

I’m so confident in the bottom line I am offering you that if you’re not fully satisfied and over the moon about the consult, I will even offer a full refund within 24hrs of the completed call.

Just contact me to place your order and we’ll move forward to schedule our time together.

The reality is you can’t afford NOT to know exactly who you’re marketing to, the language that will engage your ideal customer, and how to market more effectively. Let me help you clear the fog once and for all.

To your success,

Amber Vilhauer