Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #21: 12 Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website from Hackers

Are you scared of breaking something when you make your WordPress website upgrades, so instead of upgrading, you have tons of upgrades available in your WordPress website dashboard?

Do you think just because you haven’t had your website hacked yet that you’re somehow safe and secure from getting hacked? (Oh I hope not!)

Your WordPress website security is extremely important and you need to pay attention to all the ways you can make your website secure from upgrades to hack attacks.

Today’s video training is definitely going to be an eye opener for you!

You’ll learn:

  • The biggest NO-NO’s about your passwords!
  • The easiest ways hackers access your WordPress website and take it down
  • What you need to know about WordPress upgrades to keep your website secure
  • How to review plugins and make sure you’re not installing bad plugins that can harm your website
  • …and SO much more!

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video format

audio format

Make a comment below sharing:
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  2. A question you’d like to ask Amber

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