This Simple & Effective Marketing Strategy Packs a Punch!

I want to share a simple yet HIGHLY effective idea that 95% of people I talk to haven’t executed.

I had an awesome coaching call with client Elma Mayer yesterday.

Not familiar with Elma? She is the founder of Now Healing and has taught over 40,000 people from all walks of life to do effective, instant energy healing – including medical doctors, 6-year-old kids, left-brained skeptics and woo-woo wizards!

Elma and I have been working together for the last month preparing for her next program launch. Heal Your Situation is an INCREDIBLE self-guided program with oceans of value. Her work is helping thousands and thousands of people to heal any pain, problem or pattern.

Back to the coaching call!  We were strategizing about the different ways she can get this program out to even more people. There are countless ways to market, but which are the most effective?

We came up with rock solid strategies from Facebook Ads, partners, interviews, social engagement – you name it. (A LOT of progress can be made in a 1-hour coaching call.)

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a firm believer in blogging. Enter the simple yet HIGHLY effective idea that 95% of people I talk to haven’t executed.

I suggested Elma go back into all of her blog posts (no small task) and look for ways to connect her blog post topics to her new course.  Then, I suggested she link to the sales page for her course within those posts. Simple? You bethcha! Effective? Ooooh yeah.

You see, Google has indexed each of her hundred+ blog posts as individual pages in its search engine. Anyone searching for solutions to pain, problems or patterns (ahem, most of the world?) has the chance to find Elma’s blog posts. But without this simple and effective tip, they’d read that post and “maybe” go to her shop page and see the program.

Now, most of the pages and posts on her site can all lead people to this (very affordable) course, and the tens of thousands of page views she gets monthly can convert into a whole lot more sales.

Imagine the results YOU could get if you started to execute a focused linking effort to your products or services…..

Simple and effective.

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Amber Vilhauer

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