3 More Important Tips to Secure Your WordPress Website from Hackers

As the title of this post implies (3 *More* Important Tips), this is not the first time I’ve written about the steps you should take to keep your WordPress website secure from hackers. In fact, I have two others posts you should take a look at, Is Your WordPress Website Secure from Hackers and 5 More Tips to Secure Your WordPress Website from Hackers.

I also offer more information on WordPress security in my Authentic Leader video series, where I devote nearly half-an-hour sharing 12 Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website from Hackers.

Security conceptNow, as I bring this complimentary series of blog posts to a close, I’d like to offer you a few ideas on WordPress security that the average website designer or programmer will usually not mention.

I have literally spent tens-of-dozens of hours researching security for WordPress websites, and continue to do so, because I know that helping you to keep your website safe and completely in your control is one of the most important services I can offer.

I also know that you expect EXPERT support from NGNG (NoGutsNoGlory) Enterprises in general, and from me in particular, so I will never stop learning better ways to help you improve your online presence, and stay secure while doing so.

With that said, in addition to the other security tips I’ve offered in the previous posts, here are the last three tips that will round out the series:

  1. Perform due diligence on your Hosting Company.
    The best hosting company you can use is one that offers additional security measures to protect you and your website. After spending hours researching the best hosting company for WordPress websites, my favorite is WP Engine, a hosting company that is specially designed to support the unique needs of WordPress websites. For example, WP Engine will regularly back up your website for you – AND – if you should happen to suffer from a hack, they will fix your website for you! This single feature alone, which is definitely NOT normal among hosting companies, makes the somewhat higher monthly cost worthwhile. Go here to learn more about why I think WP Engine Is THE BEST WordPress Website Hosting Company!
  2. Consider a Security Plugin.
    Did you know that there are software programs out there that are constantly searching for vulnerable websites, pinging them daily (if not hourly) for access? I’ve found a great WordPress plug-in called Login LockDown that limits the number of log-in attempts by a particular user, including the brute force hacking software that is working 24/7, 365 to access vulnerable websites. (BTW… If you DO choose WP Engine as your hosting company, Login LockDown is included!)
  3. Keep a team of WordPress Experts on your side.
    I’ve worked very hard to ensure that my team and I offer the best WordPress support possible and, I have to say, going for the cheapest WordPress support team will usually not provide you with the experience, the knowledge, or the desire, to ensure that your website is – and remains – secure. For example, at NGNG (NoGutsNoGlory) Enterprises we take the time to BUILD secure WordPress websites from the very beginning, and then continue to do everything we can to ensure that your website REMAINS SECURE from hackers.

Looking for a way to evaluate how secure your website is? I created a free quiz for you: 12 Question Quiz: Is Your WordPress Website Secure? It will either put your mind at ease, or you’ll know whether you should get in touch with me to help you make your site secure.

Need help to make sure your website is safe and secure? Get in touch with me today for a Full Website Audit, by me and my team of professionals. Then, we’ll get to work on your behalf, supporting you and your efforts in every way we can!

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