NGNG Partners with Jon Schumacher & Billion Dollar Legacy

Business partnerships are an important step along the path to business success. Yet, finding the right people to partner with can be challenging. It’s often tough to find someone with a vision that parallels your own; a real dreamer whose mission to help create a bigger impact in the world corresponds with your own.

I’m proud to announce that NGNG has found just such a partner in Jon Schumacher, President and Founder of Billion Dollar Legacy.

BDL works with Fortune 1000 executives and successful business leaders who want to become a recognized authority and build a thought leadership legacy that impacts millions of people around the world. Their team of experts will “captain” your entire legacy using cutting edge, new media strategies that capture your biggest business and life lessons, sharing them with millions of customers, prospects, employees, and young entrepreneurs around the world.

That’s the kind of vision, and mission, we can really get behind!

The NGNG Team and I are happy to partner with Jon by supporting these legacy leaders with expert website design and development, as well as content marketing domination.

Meet Jon Schumacher, President and Founder of Billion Dollar Legacy

billion-dollar-legacyJon Schumacher is a Business Strategist, Legacy Advisor, and a Digital Marketing Expert. His clients have reached millions of people around the world with their thought leadership. He works with mission-driven CEOs, authors, speakers, leaders, and coaches who want to take bold action and make a massive impact.

Jon is a regular expert contributor to national publications including Entrepreneur, Good Men Project, Huffington Post, Conscious Millionaire, Fox News, Side Hustle Nation.

Building Your Online Reputation as a Thought Leader

Creating a legacy is impossible without taking the first step toward becoming a thought leader; a recognized expert in your niche. Accomplishing such a grand goal requires building your online reputation, branding you as the go-to expert in your industry, and ensuring that your legacy lives on for generations to come.

The BDL team of experts have decades of experience generating millions of views and millions of dollars using digital media strategies. And, they can do the same for you… Here’s how they will support you, in three easy steps:

  • Craft Your Legacy Manifesto – What do you want to share with the world? They will help you create the messages and stories we will share with millions.
  • Build Your Legacy Platform – To help you create a compelling presence online, the team will build your website, podcasts, and/or help you create a best-selling book.
  • Share Your Legacy Message – Spread your Legacy through the use of high-quality videos, audios, and social media content.

The goal here is to help you become known as a trusted source in your niche; a leader who moves and inspires people with innovative ideas, turns ideas into reality, and is willing to show them how to replicate your success.

How We Fit Into the Mix

Our goal is to combine our mission to help create a positive impact in the world by supporting leaders with Jon’s mission to help leaders build a lasting legacy. Doing this will enable us to expand each other’s vision of helping entrepreneurs and business owners reach their dreams of success.

  • Click here to learn more about how we can support you with WordPress website design and online business development:
  • Click here to learn more about my innovative approach to content marketing:

I am more than proud — I am excited by the potential impact this online marketing partnership has created for helping you reach your dreams and build your legacy.

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