My Skills For Life Interview with Corporate at Vector Marketing

Check it out! Vector Marketing was a multi-million dollar company I worked with for 5 years, starting in college at the University of Arizona. The corporate office contacted me last week and asked if they could interview for their upcoming Skills For Life, Success Stories series.

Secretly, I always wanted to be featured in one of these! When I was running weekly 3-day training seminars for new representatives, we would read a few killer Skills For Life articles and they always made a difference for the 20-50 students in the audience.

To sum up my experience with Vector, this is a section from my bio I’ll share:

Aside from achieving the highest sales level in the company of Senior Field Sales Manager, she moved through the management levels very quickly. From her promotion of Assistant Manager after 2 short months, Amber went on to become a lead Sales Manager for her local district office, to then becoming promoted as the Pilot Sales Manager and helping to run a division of 4 states.

She trained managers to open their own office, was responsible for the success of all receptionists in the division and continued to help recruit and train hundreds of sales reps for the Denver district.

See below for the Skills For Life piece:

(Click to Enlarge or Download)

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