Calling all Published or Newbie Authors and Entrepreneurs! No Joke, You Need to Read This Information that Will Guide Your Career!

Have you ever wanted to peek behind the curtain into the publishing industry to find out what it really takes to write, publish and sell a game-changing book?

toilet-paper-entrepreneurI just got off the phone with one of my most trusted and and respected contacts in the author and publishing world who told me that Mike Michalowicz, author of the “business cult classic,” The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur and The Pumpkin Plan (Penguin, July 2012)… is offering a rare insider’s look into how he leveraged the success of his first book to go from an unknown to industry authority in less than four years.

I’m telling you this because a large portion of my readers are authors and you NEED to know about what’s happening here…

In two weeks Mike will be hosting a 2-hour teleseminar (a birdie told be to plan longer because of some extra education planned for the end). The call is called “Anatomy of a Perennial Bestseller.”

Mike has asked his editor and his publicist at Penguin to join him on the call (UMM… this just doesn’t happen! ever!!), as well as his top-secret ghostwriter who has worked with bestselling authors around the world and knows what makes a book great. (And who happens to be one of my closest friends!)

What are these top minds in the publishing world going to talk to us about (yep, I’ve already registered for my seat!)? Straight from Mike’s info page:

Brooke Carey, my editor at Penguin – the person who authorized my six figure (as in, hundreds of thousands of dollars) advance payment for my book – will be sharing the exact steps YOU need to take to sell your own book for hundreds of thousands. Not only that, she will be walking you step-by-step through my book proposal (Yes, you will be getting a copy!) & tell you why it worked and why others don’t.

Then after you hear from Brooke, and ask her any questions you want, you’ll hear from Tiffany Liao. She’s my publicist at Penguin and knows every trick in the book to what makes books sell. She will explain why following “standard book marketing protocol” is the sure-fire way to failed launch, and the exacts steps you need to have a best seller right out of the gate. Oh, and talking about marketing… I have an AMAZING bonus surprise (but I will hold off on telling you about that for a minute).

After Tiffany shares the secrets to marketing success, you will hear from my ghostwriter. My ghostwriter’s name? Sorry… he (or maybe a she) is a ghost. I won’t reveal their name…yet. In fact, my ghost is one of the most sought after ghosts for non-fiction writers in the world. She (or maybe a he) was the magic written voice behind The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur and my new book, The Pumpkin Plan. The ghost/author relationship is the most critical relationship you will ever have. And during this part of the tele-conference you will learn everything that is required to make a book that sells itself. One that people thirst after. One that is epic. Oh, and my ghost may just reveal his/her name and tell you exactly where the pool of the most talented ghosts is(you’ll never guess).

Then, it will be my turn. The story of how to become a significant author. And industry leading author. Possibly, like you, I had never written a book before. I dreamed it. I had tried here and there…but it never really happened. I was a computer guy. No one knew me. I was, for all intents an purposes, a nobody. But then on January 2008, I decided to change it all. I had knowledge to share. I committed to writing a book that changed the world and put me in the forefront of entrepreneurial experts. I will teach you how to build your brand. How to build your book and your persona. How to be the expert for any industry…for your industry.

What really blows my mind is Mike is sending all of the participants a copy of the book proposal that earned him a six-figure advance, AND his editor is going to walk us through why it worked!!

Is my enthusiasm too strong?? Impossible! In all my years in the author circle, I have NOT heard of this kind of an opportunity!

I also got notice that Mike is doing a follow-up call on July 23rd, after The Pumpkin Plan launches, to debrief about his marketing plan and tell us about the wins and the mistakes – and we get the marketing plan, too.

This guy deserves a major applause for being willing to share how he wrote a book that Business Week called a “cult classic,” sold nearly 30,000 books on his own, increased his hourly consulting rate to $350-$500/hour, landed numerous television gigs and his own pilot, became a columnist for The Wall Street Journal and leveraged all of this to get a sweet deal from Penguin, is amazing.

Can you see where my enthusiasm is coming from now??

Mike is doing this for one reason only – he wants pre-orders. So to get one of the 200 slots available, you have to pre-order 10 copies of The Pumpkin Plan and send Mike the receipt.

And, if you’re wondering, I do NOT get a cut. I am truly just promoting this because it’s an unbelievable opportunity for authors or any entrepreneur, really. No hidden agendas here!

All of the details are here:

I signed up, and I booked some slots for my clients as well. No way I’m missing this. If you get on the call let me know and we’ll be call pals.

We choose our destiny. We take each step when walking down the road of our career. Make each decision as if it were the single decision that could be a game changer for you. Rock on!

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