Low-to-No Cost Methods for Driving Traffic

Not everyone can afford thousands of dollars to spend on hiring a web development and marketing team to help them keep up with the more than 200,000,000 blogs out there alone. I was just on a forum and saw this question:

But, off the cuff, here’s a few things I would suggest:

  1. Spread the word! Your signature on every email should have your website URL and tagline. Get on social networks and give tips, share quotes, talk about what you do in a way that people would want more information.
  2. One of the best ways, seriously, is to start a blog. If your service is Health Care consulting, you could blog about recent new articles or issues, share you opinions, offer solutions, etc. A blog is not where you give all of your worth away for free. It is a foundation in which people see what your value is like, then purchases your service because they have trust in you based on your writings.
  3. Article syndication. This is a hot marketing effort again. Write articles that are 400-800 words (pack them full of keywords about your industry topic and languaging that your market would recognize). There are hundreds of free article sites where you start a free account, upload your article, and boom – you’re all over the internet now with a link back to your website.


There are a lot of free ways to market your website — you just need the time to work consistently at driving traffic. If you are on-again off-again, then you might not see the results you are hoping for. Internet Marketing needs a consistent and solid effort. I’d get that free report up top – it’ll really help you.

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