Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #2: Leadership Q&A with Lisa Marie Platske

Do you ever feel frustrated and shout out, I don’t get it!! I don’t get why more people aren’t buying,” or “I don’t get why more people aren’t engaging with me on social media,” or “I don’t get why ______________!!!”

Lisa Marie PlatskeAward-winning communication and connection expert Lisa Marie Platske says it’s because you are not properly positioned in the marketplace.

Chances are, through your creativity (and sometimes through your impatience from not seeing results quickly enough) you add extra layers to your core message and brand that confuse your following and potential customers.

I interviewed Lisa so you could hear straight from this HIGHLY successful leader how you can get more clear on your message to get better results online PLUS learn her incredible 7 Pillars of Leadership (wow, they rocked!).

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Note: We had audio difficulties on this interview but they were only on my side which is a small portion of the interview. Thank you for your patience — you do NOT want to miss this full interview!

More About Lisa Marie Platske

Lisa Marie Platske, President of Upside Thinking, Inc, ( is an award-winning leadership and connection expert and dynamic inspirational speaker/trainer known for her contagious high energy. In addition to conducting seminars throughout the United States, she works one-on-one with coaching clients teaching them her “Gateway to Greatness: Million-Dollar Upside Make-over” 7-step leadership process. Lisa Marie’s clients have doubled their bottom line and found up to 3 additional hours in their day. She is the author of Designing Your Destiny: Achieving Personal and Professional Success through Upside Thinking which has been hailed as “life-changing” by clients and colleagues alike.

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