Image Search Engine Optimization for Increased Exposure

Have you ever searched under Google Images?

image-search-engine-optimizationYou’ll go to, click on the top Images tab, and enter your search phrase such as “balloons” and a slew of images come up.

But have you wondered how images get there? Or how you can get YOUR images listed under your industry top search phrases for better exposure?

Most website owners will take photos with a digital camera and upload those photos direct to their website as-is. The problem is that your camera will create a file name such as IMG_2D87364.jpg for that image.

The key is to change that file name to one with keywords. To do this, you’ll need to locate the image file on your computer, right click your image file, then “rename” the file to something that describes the photo but also has your keywords inside.

WordPress Website Design Example, Mara PurlFor example, the image on the right I gave a file name of: wordpress-website-design-development.jpg. I did this hoping that the screenshot of a website we designed and developed would show up for Google Images under “wordpress website” or “website design” etc.

One key is to properly name the file. Don’t just start stuffing keywords about coaching for an image of a cat.

Next, you’d upload this image into your website. The best way in my opinion is through your blog posts. Always try to add an image to support your blog post content.

Upon uploading the image, you’ll want to give the image a “title.” In WordPress, this is a field you can type in just before inserting your image into your blog post. Adding a title to your image is the second key to Image SEO.

For the above image, I gave it a title of, “WordPress Website Design Example, Mara Purl.” This way, again, I’m trying to rank for certain keywords, while also giving an accurate title for the image. Google is all about accuracy!

Once you publish you blog post, Google’s bots will come in and scan your post for keywords, image titles, and dozens of other criteria. Google will locate your image and index that image in it’s index of Google Images based on the keywords of your file name and image title. Voila!

Google will rank each page of your website based on more than 200 points of criteria. If you would like us to review and evaluate your website for SEO and offer suggestions on how to fix the holes in your approach, we’d love to help. Review our Search Engine Optimization service page or request our complete service menu today.

Photo credit: Google Images

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