How to Stand Apart from Your Competition

Do you feel discouraged with all of the “experts” dominating online every day all around you? Have you wondered how to stand out amongst the crowd of “empowerment experts” that are popping up every day?

One of the most sure-fire ways to stand out in this world is by being authentic, pure and transparent.

Stand Out from the Crowd

I was raised to be very aware and loving. To help as many people as possible and always focus on giving back. It is my nature to always go above and beyond for people – to do the right thing.

This comes across to website visitors, clients, and social media fans. I get regular feedback about how refreshing people find it to be that I am so authentic.

I tell you this because I know first hand how much authenticity can grow a business.

So many young entrepreneurs are trying hard to be super clever or come up with a sexy tagline. You can have sexy words, but at the end of the day, that’s all they will be. Sexy words.

But what if instead, people came to your website and just felt your energy? They read your words and felt emotionally connected? They felt your truth?

Now THAT is a sure-fire way to stand out and grow your brand.

We get so caught up in the new online craze or what other experts are doing and wanting to emulate them. I think if you instead focus your energy on “creating” and adding “real value” to the world, you will have more business than you know what to do with!

Being authentic means you don’t have to add fluff to your content so people will read it. You will naturally attract the right clients to you just by being yourself. How refreshing is that!

New business owners always sweat the small stuff, but if you have a trust in your inner power to naturally be successful, then it will feel like effortless progress each day you show up to share your message.

We also tend to worry about wearing our hearts on our sleeves or sharing too much information (especially on social media). I am very open and honest about my feelings online – but I DO choose to keep certain things private. It’s nothing bad, but I believe in privacy and security so I am mindful about sharing certain things that I wouldn’t want the entire world to have access to. However, I don’t hold back in expressing my gratitude, love for my family/clients/audience, or anything like that.

At the end of the day, you just want to check in and do what feels right for you. Give yourself permission to do what is right for YOU.

Photo credit: floppylion from Flickr


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