How to Add Google AdSense Ads to Your Website or Blog

One way to make some extra side revenue for your website or blog is to add Google Ads in the pages ad/or posts of your website.

This program showcases ads that business owners pay for, to be included in this community, and the ads are targeted and based on the content of your page or post. So if my blog post is about balloon animals, Google may place ads on that post for clowns for hire, or a bulk discount for buying a lot of balloons. Then, your visitors come to your blog post, they need a clown for a birthday party, click on the ad (which automatically charges the business owner, clown, in this case) – and if the visitor buys services from that business owner, you get paid a piece of the profit.

Google makes setting this up so easy! All you really need is a Google account and an idea of the size of the ads you’d like your content to fit around. You can have “image” ads or a string of “text-based” ads. I’ve selected in my AdSense settings that I’d allow both.

So, let’s talk about how to set this up, and along the way I’ll give you some tips and suggestions.

First, you’ll want to go here and sign up for an account, or login using your Google address and password. I’ll move forward assuming you have your account and have just logged in.

Once you are logged in, click on the tab “AdSense Setup” and then click the first link “AdSense for Content”. From there, simply follow the steps (and read the directions and helpful hints along the way if you get confused).

I selected “Ad Unit” as my type of AdSense to display – then selected “Text and Images”. Note, sometimes the image ads can be distracting for your visitors. You could start out with text and images, but if you aren’t getting sales, then you could try testing to text only – maybe your visitors are turned off by the flashing images ads. You’ll never know until you test!

There are many different sizes in which you can have your ads display. I’d always recommend one that’s a 1/3 or less of the space you have for your content. We don’t want to be jamming ads down the throats of our visitors. Again, something to test – but I’d recommend starting out a little small.

Then, you’ll see you can have the opportunity to change the colors, look and feel of your ads box. Google will even provide some helpful hints of how to display colors based on the theme of your website. You can preview the look of your ads box along the way too – but the ultimate test is finally adding it to your websites pages to see if you picked colors that stand out or not. I wanted my ads to stand out just slightly – not too crazy. You can even pick the font to match your website and add rounded corners to match your site curves.

Once you’re all done, you will receive the HTML code you’ll then need to place into your website core files. For WordPress, I went into a php file which controls the format and function of my full-view blog post pages. I simply added in that HTML code, told it to right-align, and saved. Then, my ads instantly appeared and I was on my way. (Note: If you do not have HTML knowledge or control of your website files, contact your web developer and ask them to add the code for you.)

Inside of your Google AdSense account, you can track impressions and clicks to your ads. That’s how you can monitor the results of testing ad box size, coloring, placement, etc. Make a change, wait a week, see results, try something new and then wait to see what happens. Welcome to the world of testing!

Google AdSense is a very simple way to generate a little side income. Just be aware of what your visitors expect to see. For example, adding AdSense to my business website (this one) made much more Sense (no pun intended, ha) rather than placing ads on my website. Take a look what others in your industry are doing and go from there.

Good luck!

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