Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #19: How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Do you ever feel stretched WAY too thin? I bet you hate that scattered feeling where you’re working at random times, trying to keep up with friendships or family, let alone trying to have ANY time for yourself!

I get asked all the time how I keep up with my work and personal life. Entrepreneurs drool when they see I don’t work nights and weekends yet still run a thriving business. They also see me making the most out of my personal time (including “Amber” time) and ENJOYING life.

Let me tell you, not only is it POSSIBLE to have work/life balance, it’s an incredible feeling!

My focus is on:

  • Consistent work and income (that’s steadily increasing)
  • Taking time *daily* just for me
  • Regular, meaningful, communication with my family and friends
  • Enjoying life as much as possible
  • Adding adventure into the mix to keep things interesting

You have just as much time in a day, week or month as I do.

If you look at your schedule and want to cry … it’s time to prioritize, ditch the time-drains that don’t make you happy, and get on track to a happier you.

During this episode of Authentic Leader TV, you’ll learn everything I recommend to create that ideal schedule to bring work/life balance into your life!

video format

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